Synergy Wellness Attitude Training is more than just our name. It is our philosophy which works optimally in unison. ”

S.W.A.T Health is a gym in Mississauga that aims to combine various aspects of health, fitness and mental training to provide customers with the very best in personal wellness education. If that sounds like a lot more than your average gym it’s because that’s exactly what S.W.A.T is.

Located in the heart of Port Credit, at the Hurontario intersection, S.W.A.T resides in a red brick building with a Canadian flag atop. Within the building is a medium-sized facility with a grey and black colour theme and pristine machines. Unlike many modern gyms, S.W.A.T isn’t covered in televisions because you don’t come here to chill out and watch some baseball.

The differences aren’t just aesthetic though, S.W.A.T’s philosophies translate into its training regimes also. As you can maybe tell by the name, S.W.A.T is the belief that one form of training is not enough. S.W.A.T conducts something called the Roundtable Method of training, which basically means you get assessed and trained by the entire team of specialists.

One common problem with personal trainers is that they have their training method and try to apply it to every individual person. That’s like like giving everyone the same haircut; people are individuals and require various methods of training for it to be efficient. The best personal trainers apply wildly different regimes to every person they work with, thus getting the best results for each.

That’s exactly what S.W.A.T is all about. With every individual that comes through the doors, the team of experts will assess their needs and create a training regime that will work best for that person. The types of training services include personal training, chiropractic, massage therapy, physiotherapy. acupuncture, fascial stretch therapy, concussion management, and even online coaching.

With so many methods of assessment and training, S.W.A.T Health is a haven for athletes, as well as everyday Joe’s and Jane’s. It should come as no surprise then that S.W.A.T has helped football players, golfers, hockey players, boxers, UFC fighters and more.

Each of the individual training methods combine to help an athlete reach their physical peak, stay fit and healthy, and even return from injury. One important factor in that training and rehabilitation is concussion management. Over the past decade, the WWE, and to a lesser extent, the NFL, has made massive strides in concussion management and precautions regarding the injury. Concussions were never considered a major deal but nowaways medicine and research has advanced to prove just how incredibly dangerous concussions are. This is why S.W.A.T has a method for testing for concussions, as well as helping you recuperate from them.

S.W.A.T trains a plethora of athletes and receives rave reviews from those who adopt their philosophies. The gym has five stars on both Yelp and Google, along with many personal accounts. Below is a handful of reviews from athletes and locals:

“Training and treatment as a professional demands the best. That is why SWAT Health is my #1 choice when it comes to keeping my body running right. Thanks for all the help!”

– Clause Patrick, UFC trainer

“S.W.A.T Health has been my go to when it comes to my body! As a pro athlete, you know your body’s health is the most important thing for you to be able to perform at your best! For the last 3 years, S.W.A.T Health has helped me recover from the season as well as get me prepared for the next! The people and the culture they’ve created are what separates them! I can proudly and thankfully say that S.W.A.T Health has become more than just my go to, they’ve become family!

– Chad Owens, professional football player for Saskatchewan Roughriders

“Since finding Swat Health over 2 years ago, I’ve been lucky enough to work with the best trainers and health care professionals in the business. Not only do they provide a friendly and motivating environment to train, they have created a community of like minded professionals with a desire to better themselves while supporting one another.”

– Dennis Firth, Director of Golf at Mississauga Golf & Country Club

S.W.A.T Health was founded by Dr. David Giannone and Kyle Ardill, as well as the guru Dr. Jason Pajaczkowski. These three, along with the entire team of specialists, aim to create a comfortable training environment and one that conforms to each individual that walks into the gym. S.W.A.T aims to be your one-stop-shop for your entire wellness and fitness needs. If you’re looking to get in shape and, more importantly, be healthy, S.W.A.T Health in Port Credit is definitely worth your time.