It’s 30+ degree weather these days, and there’s only a handful of ways to truly cool down. Whether that’s with an ice cold beer, slushie, or just a water, there’s no wrong answer. My personal choice however is most certainly, ice cream.

There’s several fantastic ice cream stores in Mississauga but the one that we’re focusing on today is the incredibly popular and renowned, Scoops Ice Cream.

Scoops is an ice cream parlous in Port Credit, right in the centre of the town by the Second Cup/Rabba/Fired Up!/Hoopers intersection. Scoops has a blue canopy hanging over a wooden bench, where you’ll often find patrons enjoying the produce. Inside the store is a simple, long building with white walls, wooden floors, wooden counters, and some funky purple chandeliers.

It’s a rather unique interior design for an ice cream store, one that belays a sense of chic. The customer service is always great to boot, with the staff aware of how every flavour tastes and happy to discuss the most suitable options. It’s a welcoming environment and well worth a visit on a hot summer day…as well as any other day.

Scoops offers several options, including artisan ice cream, non-artisan ice cream, soft, cones, milkshakes, and more. There’s over 30 different flavours of artisan ice cream, which is all homemade, so I won’t bore you by listing them all. However, here’s a quick few of the best: Blood Orange Sorbet, Salted Caramel Cookie, Campfire S’mores, Caramelised White Chocolate, Birthday Party, and good ole fashioned Creamy Mint Chocolate Chip. They taste as good as they sound and I doubt you’ll be able to walk out with just one flavour, I know I never have!

Those are just some of the artisanal flavours, while you can also grab non-artisinal, soft serve, sundae and milkshakes. You can pretty much get any flavour of ice cream turned into a milkshake and they’re made quite thick, definitely worth a shot if you don’t feel like using a spoon as you walk around.

Like I said, Scoops is a local favourite when it opens in the Spring. If you check Google, Facebook or TripAdvisor, you’ll see a plethora of great reviews for the store, and here’s a couple of the Yelp page:

For sure, this place has the best waffle cones I’ve ever had. At this point alone, it is already worth a visit, even if the ice cream wasn’t much, as these cones are super delicious, and I want to say “waaafles”, in a drooling Homer Simpson voice, just thinking about them.
Now I just said “even if the ice cream wasn’t much” – luckily it is “very much” – absolutely excellent ice cream, with an absolutely spectacular selection.
The biggest testament to how good this place is, is seeing a line up starting outside, on a rather breezy day, when I wished I wore a warmer jacket.


– Eugene G.

Scoops offers a huge variety of ice cream flavors to the point where i was a bit lost on what to get !! One major thing is that there were a couple of unique flavors which caught my eye but i ended up going for the campfire smores flavor on a waffle cone of course!! The ice cream was so creamy and soft just how i like my ice cream to be. I personally am not a fan of hard ice cream so these were perfect!!

– Dana S.

On one of Toronto’s hottest days, (felt like 37), it was a must for me to enjoy some ice cream. I had the artisan vanilla ice cream and asked for a generous amount of almonds as a topping. The ice cream was smooth and finally a ice cream shop listened when I asked for a generous amount of something on top of my ice cream! The service was good and the place was well kept and looked great inside. I would definately go back while visiting port credit again!

– Shawn F.

Scoops is one of the best local ice cream stores. Mississauga is no stranger to great desserts, and Lakeshore in particular has several fantastic options, from Dairy Cream to Eva’s Original Chimneys, Dairy King to Dunk’n Dip. It’s certainly no small compliment then to be able to say that Scoops is among the very best.

The weather is perfect these days to stop-in and grab some ice cream or a milkshake. Maybe you were already there for the Waterfront Festival but Scoops is as good a reason as any to come back to Port Credit and divulge in some delicious ice cream! One more for the rocky road!