Tattooing is a form of art and self-expression that dates back as far as 3351 BCE – this mummified corpse was discovered in 2018 in Egypt. That’s 5000 years. That means tattoos predate all other forms of art besides cave paintings and perhaps some funky cave dancing.

Considering the history of tattoo’s, it’s a little surprising then that it has only really become acceptable in western culture in the past decade – and even now there is still significant prejudice against it in regards to job hiring. And despite being a truly ancient form of physical modification, we’re still kind of figuring it out. Go back thirty years, the common tattoos were traditional/nautical or religious, and weren’t performed with health and safety regulations in mind. Go back ten years and we were smack-dab in the middle of the tribal gold-rush – everyone and their aunt was getting big, meaningless spiky tribal designs that have since been covered-up.

In the past decade however, you can see a real maturation of tattoos. Yes there are examples of excellent designs dating back centuries – nations like Hawaii still practise the old-school methods to great effect – but high-quality artists and timeless designs are becoming much more frequent. No longer do people have to ask their friend’s friend, who has a tattoo gun, to give them some ink for cheap, you can find a plethora of great stores with art you’ll be proud to wear to the grave.

Mississauga itself is home to a number of great tattoo stores, whether it’s Artistic Integrity in Port Credit or Playhouse Tattoo Studio on Rathburn Road. As I said, the level of quality has increased all over the globe, so all but gone are the days when you have to worry if a store is legit or not. Today we want to take a look at a very legit store: Streetsville’s own Skintricate Tattoo Company.

A Piece From Mike’s Portfolio

Skintricate is a custom tattoo and piercing store in the heart of Streetsville, at 151 Queen Street South. It’s hard to miss the storefront with its black, white and gold facade, and it’s open 12 PM to 8PM every day. Inside the store is clean and welcoming, with hardwood floors, white and red walls, and comfortable leather couches.

Skintricate has a team of five tattoo artists; Mike, whose work you can see above, Destiny, Hollywood, Kyle and Tamara. Each of these artists brings a different style to the team, with the goal of covering all bases and all needs. Skintricate also offers piercings by Anna, and microblading by Savannah. Every once and a while the store will also have a guest artist, Sean Meraw, who drops-by to fulfil a few appointments. I’ve included some art in this article but if you wish to see more click on the respective artist’s name to find their portfolio.

A Piece From Hollywood’s Portfolio

Mike focuses on realism and Asian designs; Destiny specialises in traditional and dotwork; Hollywood is a master in geometric designs; Tamara leans towards traditional and surrealism; while Kyle is something of an all-rounder. Also, Guest artist Sean Meraw produces incredible realism pieces. So no matter what the design you’re after, there’s someone at Skintricate who can do it.

Pricing is entirely dependent on the size and placement of the tattoo. Most tattoo stores do not charge flat fees, they charge based upon the size of the piece and how many hours it will take. If you’re looking for a small piece that would take around an hour, you could probably expect to pay $150, but for the actual price, book a consultation via the company website.

A Piece From Destiny’s Portfolio

Beyond the quality tattoo designs and artists, and uber-popular piercing artist Anna, Skintricate is one of the very few tattoo stores that also has an app! The Skintricate app can be download on iOS or Android, and allows you to view the company’s portfolio, book a consultation, ask for a quote, send references and fill-out the consent form, receive notifications, view aftercare instructions, and join the loyalty rewards program! It’s a fantastic app that I highly recommend if you’re considering trying Skintricate.

In danger of speaking the painfully obvious, tattoos are permanent. With that in mind, you have to be 100% confident on what you want to get, and where you want to get it. So don’t just take one person’s word for it, here are a few reviews from Google, where Skintricate holds a 4.6 Stars out of 5.

Anna is an amazing person to get pierced with! In the last month I have pretty much been in there every weekend getting another piercing and never had any issues.
This past weekend I got my Rook pierced and it gave her a hard time because my ear is thick in that area but she was very reassuring and kept checking to see if i was alright. 🙂
Also, got a small tattoo with my sister there this weekend with Andrew he was a guest tattoo artist but honestly had our sides splitting from laughing so hard.


– Elisha Robinson

I’ve gotten 4 out of 13 of my piercings there, so far, and I must express how professional and hygienic this place is! The piercer shows you how everything they will be using has been sterilized which creates a huge boost of confidence in their work. The staff are such genuine characters that you feel comfortable conversing with them! I drive from Markham every time because they have blown me away!!


– Rasha Hjeily

If I knew how good Skintricate was, I would’ve come here for all my tattoos. Everything about this location is amazing, the staff, the environment, the shop was spotless! Super clean. We had Kyle as our artist and he is fantastic! Such a nice and funny guy. Super genuine, he makes sure you’re comfortable and has such good ideas. Definitely recommend this place, definitely recommend Kyle. Excited for my next session and future appointments.


– Steve Tran

Have gotten all my tattoos here. Kyle, Jamie, Hollywood., Mike and now Destiny are great. Very professional. I’m so happy with the tattoos I’ve gotten so far from Kyle and Jamie. I’ll be coming back for more.
Anna does a fabulous job at getting you pierced. Great selection of jewelry. Highly recommend going there.


– Kelly Butler-Colley

Of the 100+ reviews on Google, only 11 were negative and they were all because of either “poor customer service” or “high-prices”. Almost every single positive review noted the excellent customer service, and I can personally vouch for it, and as for the pricing, you get what you pay for. Trust me, tattoos are not something you want to go cheap on.

Skintricate Tattoo Company in Streetsville is one of Mississauga’s finest. Whether that’s because of the dedication to hygiene, the high-quality artists, affordable and comfortable piercing, fun and welcoming staff, or the amazing phone app, is anyobody’s guess. If you’re thinking about getting your first or twenty-first piece, download the Skintricate app and see what you think. Skintricate is a great store that continues the traditions of yester-year, while embracing modernity, and now is the time to try!