Paint nights have become a very popular pastime in the last few years. Hanging out with your partner or some friends and painting with some food and drink is a surprisingly good time.

Now there are various companies in Mississauga that operate these kind of paint nights throughout the city, but, at the time of writing, there is only one dedicated space to do so every week: The Studio Paint Bar in Port Credit!

The Bar opened up in Port Credit just a few months ago, and has been a huge success ever since. You can’t walk past the business without seeing it packed out with patrons painting away and seemingly having a great time.

The Studio Paint Bar operates within Port Credit, right next door to The Port House, and you’ll recognise it from its black and gold sign and tall windows. Once inside, you’ll notice the bar and the many easels lined-up, as well as plenty of art and stylish furniture, offset by simple lighting. It’s a artful interior design but one that isn’t garish, and showcases the kind of pieces you;ll be attempting to paint for yourself.

So how does it work? Well I’m glad you asked! The Studio Paint Bar doesn’t operate every single night, but it is open most evenings, as you can see from this calendar. There are nights for free-style painting, women’s-only evenings, private parties, and the standard paint nights. Here is the official description of the standard paint night experience:

“Make it a meaningful and deeply inspiring experience. We will lead you through a premium experience that is guaranteed to be unsurpassed because of our exemplary customer service, the quality of our artists and teachers as well as our ability to host an amazing party!”

So each paint night sees you and your entire group, tackle the same design as chosen by the resident artist. The cost of the event includes the canvas, brushes, paint, and even some appetisers, so you’re definitely getting your money’s worth!

Some of the upcoming paint nights are tackling winter scenes, forests, and even scenes that evoke pop culture like Game of Thrones! So pick and choose which nights you’d like to come based on the art you’d like to create. If you’re unsure about paying money but not knowing the design, just head to the website and see the upcoming images for yourself.

Naturally, you may be thinking that you can only come if you’re a good painter. That couldn’t be further from the truth. The artists design the lessons so that literally anyone can go home with a painting that is extremely similar to that of his/her own. As you can see from the image above and the one below, everyone leaves with a similar looking picture. So no skill required whatsoever!

And as mentioned, you get to take your creation home with you and hang it up if you so desire. There really is an artist in all of us, and The Studio Paint Bar quickly brings it out of you. A standard paint night costs $45 and kicks-off at 7 PM until 9:30 PM. There’s also adult speciality workshops, family workshops on weekend mornings, and private parties available at The Studio, so check for availability and pricing on the website!

Alas, The Studio Paint Bar is named that for a reason, and that’s because having a little drink while you paint is just the remedy for all life’s problems! The bar within the business offers various types of red, white, and sparkling wine, as well as different beers. If you’re nervous about jumping outside of your comfort zone for the paint night, some Dutch courage goes a long way in helping free that inner Da Vinci!

The Studio Paint Bar is a great, unique way to spend an evening with friends or your partner. Whether you have a real interest in painting or not, it’s a fun way to pass the time and the atmosphere is exceptional. The ladies who run the business really know how to get everyone involved and loosened-up, it’s certainly not a buttoned-up affair.

So next time you’re looking for something different to do, give Port Credit’s The Studio Paint Bar some consideration. We guarantee The Studio will bring out your repressed painter and you’ll never look back!