Mississauga recently became home to Canada’s first boxed soccer pitch.

The first pitch officially opened on September 30th and is located at the corner of Living Arts Centre Drive and Prince of Wales Drive. The pitch is the result of a partnership between the Daniels Corporation and the City of Mississauga.

You might be wondering why a boxed soccer pitch is interesting; first of all it’s available to everyone who wants to drop-in and have some fun. Secondly, it’s a great new space to get youths interested in sports and staying fit. Check out the video below from the grand opening!

Boxed soccer pitches are common throughout the UK and Europe, and now Canada is home to one as well. The pitches are a great way to encourage community meet-ups and friendly competition.

The Canada Men’s Arena soccer team played their Mexican counterparts on October 1 as part of the grand opening, and we’re hoping to soon see teams from Clarkson play Streetsville, Malton play Port Credit, and so on. Teams from throughout the GTA could use the pitch and create fun tournaments for anyone willing to compete, all ages, and all genders!

So come out and pull on your boots, jump on the AstroTurf and let’s get playing!