A new burger joint has opened its doors along Lakeshore Rd E., just outside of Port Credit, and it aims to bring a little bit of 1950’s America to Mississauga.

Bray’s Hamburgers, an American establishment of over 60 years, has opened its first location in Canada, and it just so happens to be here in Mississauga!

Bray’s, rather obviously, specializes in hamburgers and looks to quickly assert itself as one of the best options for such in the city. However it isn’t all about the burgers, Bray’s also offers hot dogs, sandwiches, milkshakes, and a rather large breakfast menu.

“Our menu is small but tasty and we offer a variety of different burgers, but always rely on our sliders to make our customers come back for more.” Said Nora Duhanaj, a representative of Bray’s Hamburgers. “We also have a great American style breakfast.”

If you’re just feeling a little peckish, you can grab an egg & cheese sandwich or a bagel, however if you’re in the mood for a proper breakfast, Bray’s has you sorted. With over 11 options for breakfast plates, I’d say Nora is selling Bray’s short on the size of the menu.

Customer reviews of Bray’s have been glowing thus far, with the restaurant holding a stunning 4.9 star rating on Facebook. Beyond the tasty food, customers raved about the service and the true-to-50’s hospitality.

You might say Mississauga is already overflowing with food options but I’d argue that there certainly isn’t enough good burger joints. Don’t get me wrong, Mississauga has some truly fantastic burgers, with Port Credit in particular offering some great patties. However, there are so few American-style burger stores, but thankfully that much has changed with Bray’s and I encourage everyone to go out and give it a try!