Back in October 2018, marijuana became legal in Canada. As mammoth a decision as that was, its true effects won’t be felt for a while. We will see the true ramifications of legal marijuana, both in terms of the general populace, and in terms of businesses both big and small.

One such business that aims to change in wake of the new legislation is Second Cup. The Canadian coffee company has been around since 1975, but in recent years it has been struggling to turn much of a profit. While companies like Starbucks and Tim Horton’s get ever bigger, tertiary chains like Second Cup have been left to feed on the scraps. Well, Second Cup Chairman, Michael Bregman, aims to change the company’s fortunes.

“(Cannabis) is going to be an awfully big business in Canada, and we have some amazing locations,” said Bregman in an interview with The Globe and The Mail. The company later released its quarterly press release, and outlined its intentions for how to capitalise on said big business.

second cup marijuana Weed Dispensaries
Second Cup Weed Dispensaries

“NAC and Second Cup announced their strategic alliance in April 2018, through which the two companies will develop a network of NAC-branded (Meta) and operated recreational cannabis stores in provinces where legally permissible. Two conversions are underway in Alberta. While the guidelines are not yet finalized, many more locations in Ontario have been identified as attractive candidates for conversion to cannabis dispensaries. ”

Of course, purchasing marijuana in stores is still currently illegal, but that will change come April 1. So post Easter, you can expect to find stores popping-up here and there that will dispense marijuana the legal way. To do so requires a government issued license, so there won’t be an overwhelming amount of stores.

Second Cup is one of the businesses who scored a license to sell marijuana, but it’s unclear as of yet which Ontario-based stores will be converted to dispensaries. Mississauga and Toronto are safe bets to see a coffee store converted, but which stores is anyone’s guess. Second Cup currently operates nine stores in Mississauga, from Port Credit to Square One Mall, and it’s fair to say we can expect at least one of those nine to be converted.

Would you be interested in purchasing government issued marijuana at Second Cup? It might sound strange now but in a few years that will be as straightforward as it currently is to buy coffee. Let us know how you feel about the change, and we’ll keep you updated once the locations have been revealed! Until then, you can only legally purchase weed here.