Chinese food is amongst the most popular and commonly found here in Mississauga. And for good reason, it’s amazing! However, there can never be too many great Chinese food locations in the city, and that’s why we’re excited to tell you about a new addition to the city’s already bursting food scene.

Noodle Me is making it’s way to Mississauga in the near future, specifically to 720 Bristol Road West, Unit 2. There is already a Noodle Me store in operation in Hamilton, and it’s extremely popular – holding an impressive 4.4 stars on Google reviews – despite having only opened in the past year or so. So we can’t wait for the brand to come to Mississauga and wow us with its noodle goodness!

Noodle Me specialises in, you guessed it, noodles! The store makes its noodles and broth in-store, by hand, and the incredible taste and texture is evident. You can order the noodles with a variety of meats, from brisket to seafood to BBQ pork and more.

Noodle Me also offers skewers and kebobs of delicious, soft meat, wraps, fried red bean pancakes, and sides like shredded potato with garlic, fried tofu, soup, and rice noodles. There’s plenty on offer but we recommend trying the incredible noodle bowls if it’s your first time.

Noodle Me joints Kinton Ramen, Kenzo Ramen, and Wonton Chai Noodle, as one of the best places for Cantonese cuisine in Mississauga! If you find yourself fancying some great Chinese dishes, there’s lots of options available but consider giving Noodle Me a try when it opens at 720 Bristol Road in the very near future.