Mississauga is no stranger to halal cuisine, in fact it’s pretty much everywhere you go. However there can never be too much of a good thing, especially when it’s coming from a top-quality Afghanistan restaurant!

Caravan Kabob House is a popular restaurant that has been in Brampton for over four years now, but it just arrived in Mississauga at the 5955 Latimer Drive plaza.

The head chef of Caravan Kabob House, Omar Momand, completed his culinary training and opened the incredible popular Mississauga restaurant, Watan Kabob. After two years of establishing Watan Kabob, Momand headed to Brampton and opened Caravan Kabob House.

Caravan Kabob House Mississauga

“Caravan Kabob House offers a full array of succulent Afghan cuisine featuring a menu of savory dishes that are sure to delight. Enjoy dishes with a harmonious combination of marinated meats, grated seasonings, fresh vegetables served with savoury basma rice. Caravan Kabob House‚Äôs mission is to advance cultural understanding through culinary taste. We offer lamb, steak, chicken and veggies, and all of our kabobs are grilled to perfection.”

Caravan Kabob Houses menu consists of platters, salads, wraps, side dishes, desserts, and main dinner courses. Most of the dinner options include a rice, salad, and some fort of meat, whether it’s sea bass, chicken, kofta, salmon, or lamb shank. You can check out the entire menu, which is rather comprehensive, here.

Caravan Kabob House joins Mississauga’s already-impressive list of Afghan food, but it aims to join the upper echelon with its related restaurant, Waton Kabob. If it’s that good is for you to decide, so head to 5955 Latimer Drive and try out Caravan Kabob House for yourself!