On Sunday, January 28th, you’re invited to Benares Historic House for the annual Robbie Burns Tea!

I hear you asking what a Robbie Burns Tea is, and what it has to do with Scotland. Well, Robert Burns was a famous Scottish poet and lyricist from the late 1700’s. Burns’ influence can be seen and felt throughout Britain, the United States and Canada, with authors like J.D. Salinger and John Steinbeck, as well as Bob Dylan referencing him and his works. In particular, here in Canada Burns’ life and works are celebrated on January 25th, commonly known as Robert Burns Day, or Burns Supper.

That’s why, each year on January 25th, Benares Historic House celebrate the day with one of its iconic teas, accompanied by music and a celebration of all things Scotland!

“Come celebrate everything Scottish at Robbie Burns Tea. Enjoy Scottish tea and sweets, Robbie Burns and Scottish trivia and live music. Take part in a tour of the Benares Historic House with a focus on the Harris family Scottish connections. Come dressed in your best tartan!”

The Tea kicks-off at 2:00 PM and will be one of the more rowdy days at Benares House, with fun and music echoing throughout. As the description suggests, you’re encouraged to come dressed in your best tartan, although that doesn’t necessarily mean a kilt!

Benares Historic House is located at 1507 Clarkson Road North. Reservation for the event is required, so be sure to act fast to ensure a spot by calling 905-615-4860! Come celebrate Robbie Burns and Scotland, hear some live music, drink some tea, and compete in trivia at Benares House, it only happens once a year!