Are you an avid reader? Or do you buy books and paraphernalia at Christmastime for others? Well then you may be interested to know that one of the city’s most popular bookstore is moving!

The Chapters bookstore located at 189 Rathburn Road is soon moving to a new location. Though fret not if you’re a regular, the store isn’t moving very far!

In the early weeks or months of 2019 (no specific date has been given), Chapters will emigrate from its current location over the road and into Square One Mall! The giant expansion that is underway in Square One Mall, which aims to bring The Rec Room, a new food court, and Uniqlo, to us, will also bring a new Chapters store!

target square one

It’s unclear if the Starbucks location within Chapters will also be making the move, and we have no confirmation as to what will be replacing the current Chapters in the sizeable building. This seems like a smart move for Chapters, as it will be no longer segregated from the rest of the Mall.

Chapters is an incredible popular bookstore, thanks to its diverse sections for adults and children, as well as offering lots of knick-knacks; everything from scarves and picture frames, to board games and journals. The new store within Square One will be even bigger, and thus house more stuff for you to peruse!

Square One Mall is set to undergo some major changes in 2019, making it the second biggest mall in North America! Let us know which changes you’re excited to see, and keep your eyes peeled for a nice new Chapters store!