As you’re fully aware, Mississauga is constantly holding events. In fact, there are so many events taking place in the city that they’re often overlapping one another and it can be hard to keep track. The vast majority of these events are great and worth your time, but every now and again there’s one or two that are a little extra special.

As is the case this Saturday, September 29th, when the Meadowvale Theatre plays host to a very special event in the name of charity. An event where you can get an evening of great entertainment, with the proceeds going to a very worthy cause.

The Something Sketchy variety show will kick-off at 8PM in the Meadowvale Theatre, with all proceeds going towards the Credit Valley Hospital. The event sees the Meadowvale Theatre working in conjunction with Trillium Health Partners to organise this fun-filled evening of comedy, performances, and musical entertainment!

The acts partaking in the event are from the Theatre Unlimited Performing Arts group, and consist of a musical performance by Time Trip, a magic show by the talented Chris Stolz, and Meadowvale’s very own youth singers, Tupa Y.E.S. It promises to live-up to the moniker of variety show, while also acting as a celebration of incredible local talent.

If you’d be interested in attending, bearing in mind it’s for a very good cause, tickets for the event can be purchased here. Tickets will cost $30 plus tax, and it’s sure to be a night to remember. So come over to the Meadowvale Theatre – 6315 Montevideo Road – and enjoy a fun variety show, fit for the whole family!