Finding the right apartment can be hard, especially when you’re not exactly flush with cash – which is most of us these days. As such, we want to take a minute to show you some of the cheapest places to live in Streetsville right now.

Streetsville is one of the best places in Mississauga; with its picturesque streets, small-town feel, lots of great food, drink, and music, and easy access to both trains and buses. It’s easy to see why people flock to the town every single year, no matter the weather. And so it’s even easier to see why you’d want to live there.

Today we’ve put together a list of some of the cheapest places to live in Streetsville, consisting of both apartments and bedrooms. These listings are the best we could find at the requisite price range.

All the following listings are taken from Kijiji. There are some other websites with listings, and even some cheap listings on Kijiji that aren’t listed here, but those don’t have pictures or sufficient information. So we’ve compiled a handful of listings that are reliable.

So if you’ve been in the market for a new place to live, fret not, we have you covered with places ranging from $650 to $2100. Hopefully one of these places will suit you, and you can click on the link attached and get in touch with the owner. Happy hunting!