Just when you thought the cultural celebrations were over for the year, Celebration Square pulls you back in for one last hurrah! There’s still plenty of hot weather and free time to head to the city centre, 300 City Centre Drive to be specific, and embrace an incredible festival and amazing culture.

On Saturday, September 22 at 3:00 PM, Celebration Square will play host to the Dragon Lion Dance Festival 2018. Or, in other words, it will play host to the 2018 Chinese Festival!

The Dragon Lion Dance Festival is a vibrant and dynamic event that celebrates Chinese culture. This traditional Chinese dance is typically performed to celebrate Chinese New Year, business openings or other important ceremonies, where performers wear an elaborate costume and mimics the movements of a dragon or lion.

This Festival was created with the collaboration of Kung Fu Canada Association, The Mississauga Mandarin Association, and the Hebei Association of Canada. Mississauga has a very active and proud Chinese community. Experience the glory of China!

So what can you expect at the festival? Well, there will be exciting performances for children including Kung-Fu and Tai-Chi demonstrations, the namesake Dragon and Lion dances, mass drumming routines, dancing, singing, Chinese instruments, lucky draws and more.

There will also be children’s stations that have “Chinese cultural activities”, though no specifics were given. Feel free to come wearing your best kimono as you enjoy a plethora of amazing Chinese cuisine and do some shopping for authentic trinkets.

So if you feel like celebrating Chinese culture with great food, great music, and great ambience, then come to Celebration Square this Saturday, at 3PM. The event is free for all and guaranteed to be fun for the whole family!