The businesses in Clarkson Village invite you to visit their store, business or restaurant to experience Christmas in Clarkson Village this holiday season.

Clarkson Village is the oldest village in Mississauga and is very proud of its heritage. We have businesses that have been in operation for several decades and some that have only recently opened. No matter how many years in operation, they all rely on community support to help them to succeed.

The success of any small business is rooted in the spirit and determination of entrepreneurs who not only dream big, but also receive support and encouragement along the way. Support from their family, friends and community is key to their success.

The Clarkson BIA encourages you to visit the many small businesses in Clarkson Village this Christmas Season to show them your support. Whether you are looking for health or beauty services, legal services, a place to eat, household products or sporting goods. We are confident you will find what you are looking for and receive the best service.

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Finish off a great day by visiting one of our truly amazing restaurants! No matter what type of food you are craving, you will find it in Clarkson Village, quietly becoming THE food destination of Mississauga.

Lynn Still

Chair, Clarkson BIA

Message from the Clarkson BIA