The Playdium entertainment centre has been a staple of Mississauga for over 20 years but, as is the case with everything, it’s time for a change.

Cineplex has announced plans to reboot the Playdium brand and modernise the centre, as well as open 10 to 15 new arcades throughout Canada. The company has said that the updated centres will be opened in mid-sized communities and be aimed towards families and teenagers. So the vision remains the same.

The Playdium was originally purchased by Starburst Coin Machine in 2007, but ultimately wound-up a brand of Cineplex thanks to a majority takeover of Starburst by the movie-giants. Cineplex has made some big moves this year, having already announced plans to open more Rec Room’s all over Canada.

The new and improved Playdium will feature video games, bowling, and virtual reality, as well as the customary arcade machines, restaurants, mini golf, and more. Virtual reality is expected to be a big feature in the rebooted Playdium, with the technology exploding in advancements and popularity.

Construction on the new Playdium is expected to begin in 2018 with a new location in Whitby – the rest will follow suit. So, if you love the current iteration of Playdium, or want one more trip down memory lane, go to the original Playdium in the city centre before it’s too late!