MiWay buses will be rerouted temporarily to prepare for the Hurontario Light Rail Transit Project

The City Centre Transit Terminal (CCTT) Bus Loop will be closed for construction for just over three weeks beginning July 16 to August 8 to prepare for the Hurontario Light Rail Transit (HuLRT) project. Several MiWay bus stops will be relocated to platforms on Rathburn Road.

During this closure, Alectra Utilities will be relocating utilities and services to prepare for the HuLRT project. MiWay services such as fare sales (including PRESTO), customer information and washrooms inside the CCTT building will be available to customers. The north and south doors of the transit terminal are open, however the east and west doors are closed during this construction.

Customers are reminded to cross safely by using the traffic signal at Rathburn Road and Station Gate Road.

Drivers may experience traffic delays due to rerouting of MiWay buses from the terminal bus loop to platforms on Rathburn Road.

For more information on this closure please visit miway.ca/cctt. For an update on the HuLRT project visit metrolinx.com/HurontarioLRT

Map of MiWay bus rerouting during construction: