A few months ago we pitted Port Credit against Streetsville, in a bid to determine which township offered the best food scene. It was a fun experiment and gave us a good excuse to celebrate the many restaurants and eateries in the area’s that we don’t normally get to mention.

So we thought we’d rehash the idea, but this time pit Port Credit against Clarkson. If you’re like me, you might initially think it’s an easy win for Port Credit, but read on and you’ll see that it’s nowhere near as clear cut as it might seem. And this time we’re grading each township out of five, with the hopes of better deciding on a winner. So let’s get to it!


Pizza Streetsville Pizzaioli

Port Credit 5/5

Port Credit has a ton of pizza joints. Anyone who has spent any sort of time in the area will know you couldn’t throw a stone without hitting a store that specialises in the Italian dish, be it Pizza Pizza, Gino’s, Pizza Nostra, Great Canadian Pizza, Pizzaioli, and Papa Giuseppe’s, to name a few. However it doesn’t just stop there, many of the area’s restaurants also offer great pies, including Snug Harbour, The Crooked Cue, and The Pump House. As far as pizza goes, Port Credit has absolutely everything you could want, making it really hard to beat.

Clarkson 4/5

So we’ve established that Port Credit is a pizza mecha, but what about Clarkson? Well it’s no slouch. Domino’s, Pizza Pizza, Pizzaville, Mickey’s, and Jopapa’s are just a few of the places you can grab a slice in Clarkson, as well as restaurants like Solstice, Capra’s Kitchen, and Michael’s Back Door. Clarkson’s pizza scene is great, but it’s certainly a step behind Port Credit in terms of quantity and, arguably, quality.


Port Credit 3/5

Burgers are awesome, you don’t need us to tell you that. And if you’ve been to Port Credit you’ve likely found that out first-hand. That’s because Port Credit has incredible burgers in the form of Burger’s Priest, The Works, The Crooked Cue, Snug Harbour, and more. There’s also a few interesting options like Fired Up’s ostrich burger and Nourish Moi’s vegan bean burger, to name a few. What holds Port Credit back in this regard, is the lack of fast food options, with Harvey’s at Credit Landing being the only one available.

Clarkson 5/5

And that’s an area where Clarkson excels. The Clarkson area has a Harvey’s as well, but it also has a McDonald’s, Wendy’s, and Wimpy’s Diner. And fast food aside, Clarkson offers great burgers in establishments like Old Town Bar & Grill, Solstice, Michael’s Back Door, and more. No matter what kind of burger you like, Clarkson has an option, from high quality Kobe beef to…well…McDonalds.

Fine Dining

Port Credit 5/5

Fine dining can encompass many different cuisines, from Italian to Indian, and everything in between. And when it comes to fine dining, Port Credit has a handful of great Italian restaurants like Posta Italbar, Ombretta, and Papa Giuseppe’s, as well as Indian Cuisine By The Lake, Colossus Taverna, and Spice Lounge, covering Indian, Greek, and Spanish foods, respectively. However it also offers quality Canadian restaurants like Breakwater, Snug Harbour, and Chelsea, and vegan restaurants in the form of Nourish Moi and Raw Aura. Suffice to say, Port Credit has a little something for everyone, and all high in quality to boot.

Clarkson 4/5

Fine dining is the area in which Clarkson stands tallest. Solstice Restaurant, Michael’s Back Door, Capra’s Kitchen, Clarkson Mediterranean Bistro, and Casalinga Ristorante. What Clarkson might lack in quantity, it certainly makes up in quality. That being said, it still can’t stand up to Port Credit with the sheer amount of fine dining options it has.


Port Credit 5/5

Port Credit’s bar scene is, arguably, the best in the entire city. That’s why, every summer, people from all over the GTA flock to Port Credit to spend their nights in establishments like The Crooked Cue, The Port House, Nomad’s, Door Fifty-Five, Spice, Shore, The Brogue Inn, and Roc’N Docs, to name just a few. On any given night of the week you can walk past these bars and hear live music and hearty atmosphere that is helped along with great food and drink.

Clarkson 3/5

By comparison, Clarkson’s bar scene is a tad sparse. That’s not to say it’s bad, it’s just a hard act to follow. Clarkson has Stir ‘N Flair, Old Town Bar & Grill, The Pump House, and Mama Rosa’s. Which isn’t a lot, however Clarkson also has some great bars within it’s many restaurants, like Solstice’s exceptional wine bar. So Clarkson’s bar scene is far behind Port Credit’s, but certainly not bad.


Chinese Restaurant

Port Credit 4/5

In regards to this miscellaneous section, we’re talking all other types of food joints; be it Asian food, breakfast food, coffee shops, dessert stores, bakeries, and more. Port Credit has no shortage of these, from Subway to The Social Cupcake, Eva’s Original Chimney’s to La Villa Bakery, Scoops to Second Cup, Gold Cherry Bakery to Captain Robin’s, Raw Aura to Country Fish & Chips, Starbucks to Cousins Market, and so, so much more. That’s an exceptional list of businesses that are all great at what they do, however there are a few things missing that would take it to the next level.

Clarkson 5/5

Clarkson, on the other hand, has just as many and more on the miscellaneous end. Whether we’re talking Wimpy’s Diner, Kravingz, Metro, Samooon Lounge, Osmow’s, Tim Horton’s, Dairy Queen, Chocolate Boutique & Lounge, Daylight Grill, Mr. Sub, Clarkson Fish & Chips, Keto Girl Bakes, Philty Philly’s, or Booster Juice, Clarkson has more diversity than Port Credit. However the thing that really pushes Clarkson over Port Credit is the selection of Asian cuisine. While Port Credit has the decent Chinese Express, Clarkson has Empire Wok, Teriyaki Experience, and Bento Sushi. That makes Clarkson a no-brainer.


Port Credit Lighthouse

Port Credit 22 Pts.

Clarkson 21 Pts.

So like I said, this little competition ended up being a heck of a lot closer than I expected. Clarkson put up a very good fight but, in the end, lost to Port Credit by a single point!

The one area that really let Clarkson down was the bar scene. Other than that, the two townships are really neck and neck with their excellent food and drink. Port Credit is undergoing lots of development and construction these days, so it’s safe to assume the future will bring even more cuisines to the area. It’s up to Clarkson to keep up the pace.