Mississauga is home to more Italian restaurants than just about anything else. There’s as common as Starbucks’, and most of them are fantastic. However it’s nice to switch-up the palette sometimes and branch out a little. That’s why we want to point you in the direction of Italy’s close neighbours: Greece. And this weeks Restaurant Feature Colossus Greek Taverna in Port Credit 

Greece and Italy have a long, storied history. The two countries share a lot of similarities, however it hasn’t always been pleasantries between them. Thankfully today it’s all peace and love between the two countries, and they share a lot of the same cooking mentalities and methods. In fact, much of Italy’s food was inspired by Green cuisine.

So to cut to the chase, today our Spotlight is on Colossus: Greek Taverna. This beautiful restaurant is located just on the outskirts of Port Credit, at 280 Lakeshore Road East, and it’s easily identifiable from its blue and white awnings and a picture of the gold Colossus of Rhodes on the wall.

Colossus Port Credit Mississauga Greek Restaurant


Inside the restaurant is beautiful white walls and arches that is inspired by Santorini in Greece. The floors are nice black tiles that offset the walls, the bars are wooden and rustic, and the tables and chairs are simple but sturdy and elegant wood. It’s a very aesthetically pleasing restaurant that stays updated on a yearly basis. As for the food on the menu, well let’s hear what the owners have to say about it:

Colossus Greek Taverna offers an authentic Greek dining experience featuring a vast array of decadent choices. To compliment your dining experience, choose an aperitif of their variety of ouzos, or imported beer. Treat your palate to a glass of wine from a selective award winning Greek wine list. Private events are available for luncheons, dinner or receptions. Visit Colossus for an outstanding culinary experience, enhanced by their attentive staff and the sounds of Bouzouki in the background.


The executive chef and his professional team have masterfully prepared a menu featuring a wide variety of traditional Greek appetizers, pastas, fresh Fish, and speciality Lamb dishes, along with daily featured entrées and home-made sinful desserts.

Greek Food, Slouvaki Mississauga

Colossus offers an extensive menu of great, authentic Greek dishes. Unlike most restaurants, the menu itself states the name of the food in both Greek and English, which is a nice touch. And the first section worth discussing is the starters, or mezes.

The appetisers at Colossus include Chicken & Lemon Soup, Spinach Pies, Escargot, Feta Fries, Lamb Poutine, Grilled Octopus, and plenty more. While all those options are great, one menu item worth highlighting is the Stuffed Wine Leaves (wine leaves filled with ground beef, rice, lemon sauce, & tzatziki).

Then there’s the salad menu, which offers a Classic Greek, Hortiatiki (vine ripe tomatoes, red onion, bell pepper, cucumber, mixed olives, & barrel aged feta), Kalamari (grilled calamari/organic greens, spinach, tomato, salonika peppers, & balsamic vinaigrette), Spanakosalata (organic greens, spinach, caramelized pears, strawberries, mandarins, walnuts, haloumi, cheese, raspberry, & vinaigrette). You can add meat or fish to any salad for a few extra dollars.

Colossus Greek Taverna

Next up is the entrees, which are split into regular and fish. There’s a lot of them, so we’re going to highlight a few that are really worth noting. Kotopoulo Lemonato (oven baked chicken breast, served with steamed greens, lemon potatoes, & topped with lemon sauce); Mousaka (potato, eggplant, tomato ground beef, kefalotiri cheese, béchamel sauce, & served with Greek salad); Solomos (grilled Atlantic salmon, horiatiki salad, spinach rice pilaf, evoo, & lemon dill dressing); and Thalassinosalata (shrimps, scallops, calamari, mussels, organic greens, evoo, balsamic dressing).

Finally, we come to the dessert menu, which offers some incredibly tasty dishes. There’s the classic Baklava, as well as Crepes, Loukoumadopites,& Galaktombouriko, but the star of the show is certainly the delectable Ferrero Rocher cheesecake. You couldn’t go wrong with any of the options here but the latter is the one I recommend.

Colossus Greek Dessert

And, as always, it’s time to hear the opinions of those around Mississauga. We like to show you what other people think of the restaurant we’re spotlighting. Colossus has a 4 star review rating on Yelp, 4.3 on Google, and 4.5 on TripAdvisor, with over 800 reviews amassed between them. So here are just a few:

Colossus is One of my faves, I love the food, the atmosphere and the staff.
If you like Greek food, you need to try Colossus, we usually get a bunch of appetizers and share them accompanied by some wine of course.
I recommend you make reservations, very busy restaurant.
Patio in the summer
Take out anytime


– C. R.

I only came in for  watermelon Salad! It was great and service seemed to be good. Decor is old school, which is fine because what matters is the food and cleanliness. One tip though, they could use some bathroom attendance.


– V. T.

Tried this restaurant for the first time on New Years Eve. It was absolutely amazing! The service was a little slow, however this was expected given it was New Year’s Eve. I had the chicken soulvlaki with extra tzitki sauce (amazing) and the watermelon and feta martini. It was DELICIOUS! The chicken was cooked to perfection and seasoned well without overpowering the rest of the accessories on the plate. The lemon potatoes were perfectly done. Will definitely be back soon and I can’t wait to try more things from the menu!


– Amanda G.

A favourite place for delicious food and friendly service! I can’t count the number of times I’ve been to Colossus, its a great spot for a casual lunch or dining out for dinner. My Family has celebrated together at Colossus a number of times, you can order family style or a la carte. The food is always fantastic. Service is personal and you can tell that people love working there (that says a lot). Eat here, you won’t be disappointed 🙂


– Emi Takeda

And that’s this week’s Spotlight. Colossus Greek Taverna is one Mississauga’s finest Greek restaurants. It’s a beautiful location just outside of Port Credit and one that will be there for many years to come. So stop by the tavern for some classic Greek cuisine and make sure to order that cheesecake!