Are you a prospective home-owner in Mississauga? We often talk about the real estate scene here in the city, be it houses, condo’s, apartments, or new developments. We don’t shy away from telling you just how hard it is to buy a home in the city, or the fact that rental prices are continuing to go up in 2020.

The good news is, it’s not all bad news. In fact, we’re excited to tell you about a new real estate company that aims to make your dream of owning or selling your home a heck of a lot easier. New Era Real Estate has just recently opened up and here’s a little about the company from the proverbial horse’s mouth:

New Era Real Estate provides that familiar full service real estate just like the traditional style brokerage but instead of the common place 2.5% and handle everything for a simple flat fee of $5,900. Even better nothing gets paid until the property is sold and the deal closes. We guarantee to take care of everything you the seller needs! […] New Era provides homeowners with a new option as we feel the industry needed to change, something designed with the seller in mind, focused on service instead of commission.

New Era Real Estate operates a great website that shows all of the company’s current listings, or you can call them at 416-508-9929. As mentioned in the excerpt above, the company won’t charge customers any commission fees, but instead charge a flat fee that, ideally, will save you a lot of money on the back end.

What’s far more enticing about New Era Real State however, is that you actually don’t even pay the flat fee until after your home is sold! That means you can hand over all the stressful business of listing and selling a house to New Era Real Estate and not even worry about payments until after the deal is done.

Furthermore, New Era Real Estate also includes professional photographs of your home,┬ámarketing/advertising campaign, schedule showings, and a market analysis. So whether you’re buying or selling, the company will help you through the process as cheaply and easily as possible!