By Meg Marshall

Just out of school? Recently graduated? Perhaps a career change is on the horizon? Job searching can be extremely stressful and feel like a full time job in an of itself. We have put together a resource guide to help people find their next position here in Mississauga and beyond.

Bunz Employment and Entrepreneurship Facebook Group

This is an extension from the ever so popular Toronto created app, Bunz. The Facebook group has a membership exceeding 40000 from all over the GTA. Many companies that are hiring will have employee post the job position here . It is also a great informal way to ask questions about a specific company, industry or have a general HR related question answered.

Social Media Channels

Have a Twitter, Facebook or Instagram account? If the answer is “no”, now may be the time to create one. In this digital age, companies are investing many marketing dollars into digital advertising, including job postings. A lot can be learned about a potential employer from their social media presence. This can also work in reverse, whereby a potential employer may do some investigating on a candidate. Be careful about what is posted on personal social media accounts.

ACCES Employment – 151 City Centre Dr

As a not-for-profit corporation and funded by grants and the United Way, they serve as more than just a recruitment or placement agency. ACCES offers various workshops, programs, and mentorship to help many job seekers improve their skill set and knowledge. For organizations looking to fill job vacancies, ACCES is a source to post positions and obtain job grants and incentives.

YMCA – 151 City Centre Dr

More than just a recreation centre, the YMCA in Mississauga offers employment services. Open 6 days a week, it offers qualified and personalized advice to individuals. Employers can also access resources to help fill job positions.


Considered the “professional” version of Facebook, LinkedIn is critical to have for any job seeker. According to,  Canada has 12 million users in 2016. Take a few moments and accurately update your profile or create one. Many companies have dedicated staff that scour LinkedIn looking for potential candidates. By allowing email notifications, then job positions can  automatically be delivered directly to an inbox.

Recruitment Services

Have a very unique skillset? Sometimes extremely specific jobs won’t be found on some of the big yet often general job sites, this is where the need for a recruiter may be necessary. Some recognized recruiting companies include:

●            Recruiting in Motion

●            Venters Recruits

●            David Aplin Group

●            Hays Recruitment Agency

Finding jobs in Mississauga can be very possible and rewarding. We hope we have provided a tip or two and wish everyone the best of luck in their job search!