Coffee shops are like Youtube Channels, they’re a dime a dozen. For better or for worse, the vast majority of those stores are chain brands – everyone has heard the joke-turned-reality “a Starbucks on every street corner.” This isn’t a bad thing, heck it’s a fantastic thing if you’re a coffee-consuming machine, but I for one love to see an independent store open every now and then.

Maybe it’s the hipster dwelling deep within my soul but indie coffee shops are always my preference over the big name chain stores. Part of the reason is certainly the passion put into every cup of joe; the staff aren’t just working off of the same menu and instructions as the same staff in stores across the world. It feels like every coffee and every baked treat is a little more unique when it’s an independent store. And that’s why I’m happy to tell you that a new independent coffee store is making its way to Cooksville in the very near future!

So what’s it called? Well I’m not exactly sure. The storefront says “Halo Espresso Bar”, emblazoned above the front door. However, a poster in the window says “Cafeopolis” is opening soon. The brands internet presence is listed entirely under Cafeopolis, with no mention of Halo Espresso Bar. It’s a little confusing but all should become clear in the coming weeks when the store opens for business.

The store is located at 3012 Hurontario Street, right on the Dundas Street intersection. It’s a perfect spot for the coffee shop, which promises speciality coffee brews, as that intersection if one of the busiest in the city. As of now, it’s unclear what the exact opening date is, but the team have been working on getting the premises open for months now, so we shouldn’t have to wait too much longer for Mississauga’s newest independent coffee shop!