Here on yourSAUGA we talk about food on a regular basis. I often say Mississauga is an incredible melting pot of diverse cuisine, with amazing restaurants in Port Credit, Clarkson, Streetsville, the city centre and beyond.

However, one area that we don’t often talk about is Cooksville. Located along the busiest street in the entire city (Hurontario), Cooksville is a very populated area that is truly buzzing. In all of Mississauga, it’s probably the area the feels most like downtown Toronto. So it really shouldn’t come as a surprise that Cooksville has a ton of great food options!

If you travel through Cooksville via Dundas Street West, you’ll see a plethora of food joints on either side. Starting on the western side of Cooksville, you’ll find Handaan Filipino Cuisine, a great casual Filipino diner that offers pork, beef, chicken, noodles, rice, and seafood. Moving on from there, you’ll enter a small plaza with Broast Inn, Reyan Restaurant, Hot Plate, and Las Delicias. That’s a dizzying array of chicken and waffles, kebabs, pizza, and home-style Italian cooking.

One of the more popular eateries in Cooksville is a little further along Dundas West, where you’ll find BarBQ Tonite. It’s hard to miss the store because it stands out with its white roof adorned with a big chicken. BarBQ Tonite is a Indian/Pakistani BBQ joint that offers fantastic meat perfectly cooked and smoked. Not to mention the prices are great.

Moving on, you’ll find Dosa Corner, Kusina Mississauga, Subway, Burrito Boyz and Potluck. That’s another five fantastic places to eat that offer foods from all over the globe. Now let’s say you switch streets and move along Hurontario, you’ll find McDonald’s, Willy’s Jerk, Barbeque Nation, Charlie’s Caribbean Cuisine, Eastern Foods International, Border MX Mexican Grill and Cantina, Tazah Taste, Buk Chang Dong, Pho Queen City, Double Double Pizza & Chicken, Benab, Cooksville Fish & Chips, and more. That’s a list of food joints and restaurants that rivals Port Credit and Clarkson.

On Shephard Avenue you’ll come across Feast Fast Food, Domino’s, i Corner, KFC, and a few others. The crazy thing is that I’m not even listing close to all of the restaurants. Cooksville’s dining scene is buzzing with options and not just that, but quality options that are both casual and upscale. It’s a thriving area that gets often overlooked but one that you should definitely check out for some unique dining.