The legalisation of marijuana in Canada has been a hot topic for a number of years now. Up until now, the use of cannabis is prohibited to medicinal purposes, however the law to legalise the substance for recreational use will go in front of the Senate in June of this year. It seems a foregone conclusion at this point that the bill will be passed and Canada will be a weed-friendly country, to the delight and dismay of many.

Assuming the bill to legalise weed is passed, it will still be illegal to produce and sell edible cannabis products until a second bill in 2019. In preparation for that long-awaited day, Province Brands – a Toronto-based start-up company – is brewing a rather unique drink. Yep, you guessed it, Province Brands is creating a beer that is brewed from marijuana.

As odd and unique as this may sound, Province Brands will not be the first of its kind. Indeed, in Colorado, a company called Dad & Dudes created a weed-infused brand of beer called ‘General Washington’s Secret Stash’. The beer has been a hit with those that got their hands on it, however the company has faced some legal issues in regards to selling it in other states.

In regards to Province Brands however, it’s creation differs from all other competitors because it’s not brewed from barley and infused with weed, it’s actually brewed from the cannabis leaf using a new type of technology that’s patent-pending. The company is firm in this distinction, claiming it’s product will be a healthy alternative to regular alcohol, going as far as to call alcohol “poison”.

Province Brands is working on finding a producer to help distribute the beer when it becomes legal, but in the meantime it is also working on marijuana spirits as well as the beer. The introduction of marijuana beer will be an interesting development and one that is all but guaranteed to be a huge success but time will tell if it will change the world, as the company wishes.