I’ve said countless times here on YourSauga, that diversity and culture are Mississauga’s two more prominent strengths and defining features.

Culture is the thing that defines a city or a country, it’s what makes them recognisable and exciting. As one of the fastest-growing and progressive countries on Earth, it stands to reason that Canada would also boast a dynamic culture. Mississauga reflects this perfectly, as it is a city that operates as melting-pot of a multitude of cultures, each bringing their own wealth of food, music, attire, language, and more.

Well, as a resident of this great city, you actually do get a say in the culture that defines Mississauga. It doesn’t just happen whether you like it or not. And that is why, on November 30th from 6-8 PM, you’re invited to a public meeting at the Mississauga Valley Community Centre.

“A Culture Master Plan will provide direction for investment in arts, culture and heritage,” as per the official website. “The plan will recognise strengths and identify gaps and opportunities to enhance Mississauga’s quality of life and quality of place. We need your input and ideas to help shape the vision for arts and culture in Mississauga.”

That’s right, if you want to voice your opinion on the future development of architecture, public art, food, shopping, neighbourhoods, public spaces, and more, you should come to the meeting to hear what is being planned, and let the powers-that-be know how you feel.

Once again, the meeting takes place at the Mississauga Valley Community Centre (in the LC Taylor Room), from 6 PM to 8 PM.