“Establishing a nationwide brand but still proud and blessed by their Streetsville roots.”

In 2006, Culture Rising opened their inaugural Streetsville location. Their intention was to sell high end North American glass and glass water pipes. In the last decade the franchise has opened up four new locations in Port Credit, Brampton, Milton and London. The stores features many other products including a wide selection of vaporizers, rolling papers, herb grinders as well as other accessories.

The ideology that Culture Rising is a blemish to the community couldn’t be more wrong. In fact, founder and owner Nilsson Gonsalves is an active board member on the Streetsville Business Improvement Association. As well, many of their pieces are more of artwork, then something to be smoked out of. Their stores play host to one-of-a-kind, hand-blown glass pieces on display and for sale, some worth up to $2000! A majority of their hand-blown creations are made by Canadian craftsman including a piece made by a home grown Mississauga talent, Kirill Kozinski.

Artist: Kirill, Mississauga, ON – Instagram @krznskiglass

Culture Rising has looked forward in expanding their brand nationwide. Their e-commerce allows them to grow their client base with their current store locations providing them a place sell their one of a kind pieces online.

Culture Rising caters to the nascent creative forces in the community, presenting locally made artwork, clothing and glasswork alongside established brands and high-end commercial products. Part-and-parcel to the Indie Arts Shop model, Culture Rising operates a non-profit art gallery with regularly changing local features.

Over the past couple years they have begun to notice that their clients began diversifying. Could this be the liberalizing idea on herbal use? Or a result of the business gaining recognition for carrying high end products? With more diverse customers coming in every day it’s clear that the mood in the industry has changed and the it’s acceptance now spans all demographics.