For many of you GoT fans, the finale may have been underwhelming. Luckily, Mississauga is hosting it’s very own dragon experience. Don’t worry though, as these dragons are friendly and love to dance. The event takes place on September 21st from 10:00AM to 9:00PM at Mississauga’s Celebration Square.

What You Can Look Forward To At The Dancing Dragon Lion Festival?   

This festival celebrates all the incredible arts within Chinese culture. From Kung Fu Panda (for the kids) to the more well known Tai Chi and other martial arts. This family filled event will allow you to explore the great wonders of Chinese culture and tradition without having to buy a plane ticket.

For parents with young children there is entertainment for you as well. As there will be a children’s zone filled with kid friendly entertainment. There will also be free dancing and martial arts demonstrations, where you can participate and even learn some new moves you can use both at the gym and on the dance floor.   

Chinese Foods

If you consider yourself a foodie, this event is the perfect place to be since there will a wide variety of vendors serving up some of the amazing and exotic culinary delights you might experience on the streets of China.

[More Info: The Chinese Dragon Festival]

The Organization

The event is hosted by the Mississauga Mandarin Association (among other organizations) with the aim of servicing the needs of members within the community, as well as educating and providing a voice for the Chinese community within Mississauga. As such regular events are held throughout the year to help bring the community together. These events include karaoke competitions, seniors outdoor trips, and even Christmas parties. Having been established in 1999, the organization also does fundraising on behalf of the Canadian Red Cross to help during times of disaster. 

It will be a good opportunity to enjoy some family fun and just relax during the day.