In 2017 the world bore witness to the second adaption of Stephen King’s disturbing book, It. While the first TV-based adaption was a cult classic that worked at the time, the rebooted version of the tale was mesmerising and horrifying in equal measure.

As we all knew however, that was only the first half of the tale. Stephen King’s epic novel takes place across two different time periods; one with children in the 1950’s, and the other with adults in the 1980’s. However the first movie took place in the 80’s and saw the children terrorised in their home town of Derry, Maine, where almost all of King’s stories take place.

You may not have known this, but the town that stands in as Derry in the movie adaption of It, is actually Port Hope, Ontario. The picturesque small town is about an hour and a half east of Mississauga, all along the 401 Expressway. Much of the movies, both Chapter One and Chapter Two, take place in Port Hope and it’s a must-visit for fans.

However, did you know that certain scenes of Chapter Two were also filmed right here in Mississauga? A substantial chunk of the modern-day section of It Chapter Two takes place in a Chinese restaurant. The gang of friends meet-up for the first time since defeating the horrid clown in the 1980’s in a Chinese restaurant, and the spot used is none other than Mississauga’s own Mandarin Restaurant.

The restaurant is located at 87 Matheson Boulevard, a few miles north of Square One area. We’ve included some pictures above to help match the movie to the scenes, but it’s easy to see. The Mandarin is a buffet restaurant – and one of the best we might add – and has a distinct character, which makes it perfect for the scenes in the movie. And even after the group eat their meal, they can be seen standing in the parking lot outside of the restaurant.

So if you’re a movie buff or a horror lover like myself, you’re going to want to head to the Mandarin Restaurant in Mississauga to eat where the Losers Club have their big reunion. You can go eat there, right after watching the movie at the Square One or Courtney Park Cineplex because it’s out right now! We just hope what happens to them in the restaurant doesn’t happen to you!