There’s never been a stranger time for restaurants than 2020. It’s been a super hard time for them, which in turn hurts Mississauga on whole because we are, undoubtedly, a food city. So while the hundreds of eateries throughout the city begin to slowly re-open, offer takeout, and generally readjust to life post-Coronavirus, something new has popped-up and could be a glimpse into the future of food.

If you’ve been along Dixie as of late, paricularly at the Petro-Canada station at 7300 Dixie Road, you might have noticed a big white box sitting out front of the station. What, at first, bears a resemblance to a clothes bank, is actually something wildly different. The good folks at PizzaForno have erected the first-ever pizza vending machine in Mississauga!

Photo Courtesy of The Star

Yes, a pizza vending machine. As literal as it sounds, PizzaForno’s pizza vending machine dispenses piping-hot, fresh pizza’s in three minutes. And that word is key, “fresh”. The PizzaForno staff make the pizza base, and deliver them to the boxes, which are actually ovens that then bake for you as you wait. So these are not frozen, ready-made pizza’s that are heated, they’re the real deal!

The menu at the PizzaForno machine includes Pepperoni, BBQ Chicken, Cheeseburger, Honey Chevre, Four Cheese, Vegetarian, and the much-maligned Hawaiin. The pizza is dispensed to you after you pay and you can leave with your tasty pie, with no interactions with a human – which is more appealing than ever. And, of course, the machines are cleaned and disinfected regularly.

PizzaForno is Canada’s premiere pizza vending service and it currently has fourteen machines in Ontario. This wonderful machine couldn’t have come to the city at a better time, so if you find yourself craving some pizza while social distancing, this is a dream come true.