Each year the Doors Open event takes place in Mississauga and surrounding areas. You may have heard of Doors Open Toronto, which took place in May. The event essentially opens the doors of buildings that you normally cannot go inside.

That may not sound very interesting, but it’s the one time a year you can get full-access to buildings like police departments, fire stations, and such. For example, during Doors Open Toronto, yours truly took a guided tour of game studio, Ubisoft. It’s an excellent opportunity to get some unique tours, and this year’s event is focusing on Malton. Here is the official description:

This year, Doors Open Mississauga turns the spotlight onto the Malton community. The intersection of Derry Road and Airport Road, known as “Four Corners,” was once the centre of a thriving village consisting of a general store, a cobbler shop, a small hotel and a blacksmith. The area grew rapidly with the Grand Trunk Railroad, turning it into a major grain handling and export centre. In 1937, Malton was chosen as the site for the new international airport. This decision set the stage for a new era of technological breakthroughs in aviation, including the development of the CF-105 – a supersonic, all-weather jet interceptor, also known as the AVRO Arrow.

Malton is now a bustling community of close to 40,000 people, with a good mix of residences and commercial businesses. You are invited to explore many of the buildings and facilities that tell the story of this unique and fascinating pocket of the city.

MHI Aerospace Canada, one of the many participating locations.

Some of the participating locations include Malton Hall, MHI Aerospace Canada, Paul Coffey Park, Sikh Heritage Museum, Fire Station 105, and many more.

The best part of Doors Open Ontario, is that each event is completely free! Head to this link for a complete breakdown of events, and more information. We hope to see you at Malton this coming weekend for this years’ exciting Doors Open event!