If you’re a fan of Drake, you should be aware of OVO. The brand started out life as a simple blog about Drake’s crew, but, since his explosion onto the world music scene, has become the name of his record label, a music festival, a radio show, and, most pertinent, a clothing chain.

OVO (October’s Very Own) is basically the official brand of Drake, and, up until now, the only way to get the clothes was to head to Toronto. That all changes this holiday season however, as OVO opens its first Mississauga store inside Square One mall!

If you’ve been to the mall recently, you may have noticed the white wooden facade that is hiding the construction of the store. It’s an all-white picture that depicts a father and son in black OVO clothes, which is a pretty big hint as to how the store is likely to look.

As has been the case with all other OVO stores thus far, the interior design is akin to that of an Apple product: simple. Brilliant white walls, white sleek furniture, and concrete floors, with the iconic OVO owl on the wall. That’s it. It’s a startling look but one that certainly catches the eye and chases the less-is-more mantra.

So what can you expect to find at OVO? It’s most comfortable casual wear, i.e. t-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, sweatpants, beanies, jackets, shorts, and baseball caps. Most of it is very simplistic, like the store’s design, and it caters to both men and women.

This should come as exciting news to all Drake fans because the OVO website is often completely sold-out of much of its clothes! So now you’ll have a chance to grab some of it for yourself this holiday season, though you can expect this to be one of, if not the, most popular store in Square One! It will open on the second floor, near Victoria’s Secret and Lulu Lemon in the coming weeks! Get hyped!