Dry-Aged, a new butcher shop, has just opened its doors in Port Credit Mississauga.

Dry-Aged had been under construction for quite some time, having taken up the space previously occupied by The Running Room, right beside Sunset Grill. Finally, the store is now open for business and already proving popular with the locals.

The store officially opened on the 11th of November and hosted a BBQ event for locals, letting them sample some incredible meats before making any purchases. The first 50 customers even received free dry-aged steaks!

Beyond that, the staff are incredibly personable and happy to chat while they get your purchases in order. You can tell how excited they are about the new business venture and they believe the meat and cheese they offer is the best around. And it very well may be.

The store utilises a brilliant, clean white design that makes the food the focal point, less is more. Freezers line the walls and are filled with more great meat options, from pig to cow to chicken, so you can stock-up and take plenty home to your own freezer. There is also a healthy array of fruit and vegetable options, meaning you can create your entire meals right there in the store. The main counter is chock-full of a dizzying array of cheese wheels and blocks, while the magicians behind it provide the tender meat.

The holidays are fast approaching and Dry-Aged is a phenomenal new option for you to grab all your family’s favourite foods. It’s a truly great new butcher store in a city that has very few on par.