Mississauga’s infrastructure is constantly undergoing changes these days. As the city grows at a rapid clip, there is a need to accommodate for innovations and additions that make the city run that much smoother.

An obvious example of these changes is the Hurontario LRT; the rapid transit system that will usher in a new era of transport for Mississauga. The LRT will run from Port Credit, up Hurontario, and finish in Bramption, with just more than a dozen stops along the way. Of course, such a project will require major changes to Hurontario street and the surrounding areas, but it’s a necessary evil.

However that isn’t the only example of streets being changed to make way for new transit options. It was recently announced by the city council that Dundas Street would be widened by seven feet on the right-of-ways to make room for new rapid bus lanes, bike lanes, and four regular traffic lanes.

“Approval of the wider right-of-way will protect the necessary space to accommodate planned transportation improvements, reducing the need for the displacement of future buildings and structures and minimizing cost to the taxpayer,” said Mississauga planner Christian Binette.

We can expect the construction on the Dundas corridor to begin right away, so keep your eyes peeled and expect congestion. The new rapid bus lanes, along with the Hurontario LRT, is part of Mississauga’s $847.5 million Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program that aims to improve the city’s transit options. Another example of which is the recent announcement of a full renovation for the city centre bus terminal by Square One.

So Mississauga isn’t resting on its laurels when it comes to public transport, and rightfully so. As the fifth biggest city in Canada and growing exponentially every decade, there’s a definite need to improve and grow to accommodate people and make everyday life a little easier and better. Stay tuned for more news and information on all the city’s construction and more.