The Riverwood Conservancy consistently hosts events for the folks of Mississauga, whether there’s rain, shine, or seemingly unending snowfall. There’s always an event taking place at the Conservancy, and if you haven’t been attending thus far, early April is the perfect time to start!

Beginning on April 3rd, The Riverwood Conservancy will host a talk by Bill McIlveen, who “looks back the changes in the wild bird population in Peel and Halton using both historical and contemporary data.” The Conservancy states that there has been significant changes in the bird population in Mississauga in the past 100 years, both good and bad, and it’s sure to make for an interesting talk.

Next, on April 5th, Riverwood will be holding a 4-day astronomy course. The official description reads: “This four night course (April 5, 12, 19 & 26) is open to budding astronomers ages 12 and up! The course is taught by members of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada – Mississauga Centre. If the sky is clear, there will be observing for 30 minutes at the end of each session.” These astronomy nights take place at the Chappell House at 7:00 PM on the nights mentioned above.

Finally, on April 7th, there will be an extra special activity at The Riverwood Conservancy will be a bee box building course. At the MacEwan House, presenter Pat Kelly will be showing attendee’s how to build their very own bee box, while discussing the importance of the bumblebee to nature, the environment, and even us humans.

Each of these events offer something for everyone, whether you want to learn how to build a bee box, gaze into the night sky, or take an in-depth look at the history of birds in the Mississauga region. April will be a busy month at The Riverwood Conservancy, and you should take part! Registration for these events can be completed here.