For those of you who were looking for more ideas after Part 1. We didn’t want to disappoint in that regard. So here are a few more simple and easy to pull off Halloween costume ideas you can pull off at the last minute.

1Formal Apology

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Time to bust out that dress/suit you keep for fancy occasions. This DIY  “Formal Apology” costume will definitely turn heads and ensure that any hatchets are definitely buried.

What You’ll Need: Sash/Sheet of Paper with the word Apology written on, Formal Attire

2Brawny Man/Lumberjack

Image result for brawny manIf you already have a red flannel lying around, all you need is to pick up a package of Brawny paper towels for the ultimate easy costume. The best part is costume acts as a 2 in 1, whereby you can trade that Brawny toilet paper for an axe (not a real one I hope) as you embrace your inner lumberjack. Feel free to embrace that Canadian pride, as you take in your flannel apparel.   

What You’ll Need: Plaid Shirt, Brawny Toilet Paper (or plastic axe)

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3Spice Girls

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This fun play on the popular British pop group requires minimal planning, and is great for a group of friends. Just grab an apron and print out a picture of a spice bottle to pin on the front. It’s that simple, plus this could be a great group/couples costume as well.

What You’ll Need: An Apron, Print out of your favourite Spice, Pin

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For those of you looking to share your love of the platform you use on a daily basis this costume is definitely for you. As it can be something so simple and quick to put together, you’ll wish you didn’t think of it before. There are two versions that we’re looking at here; the first version requires no effort whatsoever as all you’ll need is a book. When people ask what’s your costume? You simply hold the book next to your face and respond “I’m Facebook”.

The second version requires a little bit more effort and a little more DIY. This one is a little clearer, as people will automatically know what your costume is. Essentially, it requires you to cut a piece of cardboard long enough to be able to properly fit the logo on. The bowl required is simply to trace a hole for your head. Poke two holes through the cardboard, run the elastic through and you’ve got a mask that won’t slide off your head.    

What you’ll need: V1 – Book
 V2- Cardboard, Optional:Bowl for tracing, String/elastic, glue, print out of Facebook logo, blue face paint optional