It’s October 2019 and that means edibles are now legal in Canada. One year following the legalisation of marijuana, the country will now be introducing edibles into stores and across the web.

This second wave of cannabis legalisation is super exciting to those who jumped on board last October, and to the people who were using beforehand it will be nice to finally grab some edibles in stores. It’s been a big year for weed, but this second year should see it take off even more.

So how’s it going to work? And where will you be able to get edibles? Well, that’s a little more complicated. You see, it isn’t just straight edibles that are now available, it’s also topicals, concentrates, and more. And throw in the usual rigmarole of government regulations and suddenly there’s some red tape and stop signs.

Currently there are four weed dispensaries in Mississauga, North Cloud Clinic, MedCan, The TownHouse, and Back2Life. Up until now, those dispensaries have only offered sativa, indica, and hybrids, but that should be changing soon.

Edibles may be legally sold now but not everyone can do it. Just like actual weed, businesses need a licence to sell the edibles, and that, of course, requires paperwork and approvals. So if one of those dispensaries, for example, apply to sell edibles, they may not be legally allowed to do so until Christmas.

So your local dispensaries might take a little while to get on board with the program, assuming the government regulations are quickly dealt with. Of course, there’s always the Ontario Cannabis Store, which was the OG go-to for all things weed last year. That’s the first place you’re going to see edibles readily available, so head there to grab some and find out what you like.

Like most things, it’s just going to take some time, but it won’t be long until you start seeing weed-infused cooking oil, gummy bears, chocolate, flower, cookies, tea, and everything else you can imagine on store shelves. Until then, just sit tight and keep an eye on the Ontario Cannabis Store to see what pops up.

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