2017 has been a very big year for energy distributors here in Ontario, with four of the biggest companies merging to form one behemoth company.

Horizon Utilities, Enersource, PowerStream, and Brampton Hydro, came together to form Alectra Utilities, a company that now serves one million customers – making it the second largest electric company in North America! As if that weren’t impressive enough, Alectra is already in merger talks with Guelph Hydro, looking to add that company to its portfolio and further expand its reach. Between all of these companies, Alectra Utilities brings over 100 years experience to Mississauga!

Eileen Campbell, VP of Customer Services for Alectra, talked about what this huge new company will potentially mean for consumers. “By coming together, we’re able to reduce or eliminate redundant processes,” says Campbell. “For customers, this means bottom line savings. Also, as a larger entity we are in a better position to invest in innovative solutions.”

Campbell continued, “In Mississauga, the customers won’t see a lot of change right now. It’s the same people, the same great service and the same bill payment methods. What they’re seeing is the new name of the organization coming forward.”

All of this is to say that any customers who already pay for services from any of the companies involved in the merger will see no changes to their billing processes, minus the name on the letters. Those looking to change their service provider can go through Alectra Utilities to streamline the process and get an all-in-one package.

“More reliability, more investment in innovation, more products and services, more self-serve functions and easier ways for customers to do business with us,” says Campbell, in regards to the changes customers can expect down the line. “We’re essentially striving to be the energy ally that customers expect us to be, not just the provider of a service. We’ve positioned ourselves as being there for our customers. If a customer is considering the purchase of an electric vehicle in a year from now, we might be the company that is providing the charging station.”

The Ontario government’s Fair Hydro Plan, announced earlier this year and came into effect on July 1, means that rates have decreased and customers can expect their bills to lower by up to 25%. This followed a public outcry in regards to expensive energy throughout the city. It’s en exciting time for energy development in the city and it should lead to better services and cheaper rates.

For more information on Alectra Utlities and the companies plans, you can check out the Facebook page, as well as the official company website.