By: Sheena Osman

As beautiful as the snow looks outside, sometimes it’s just nice looking at it from your window inside. Perhaps staying indoors sounds a lot more appealing than going outside in the cold. Here are some cozy, indoor activities to do during the Holidays with your family, boyfriend/girlfriend or your friends.

Plan a Small Party

It doesn’t have to be big. Invite your close friends, wear your ugly Christmas sweaters, do a Secret Santa and set a budget like $15-20 for gifts, enjoy some egg nog while dancing to classic Christmas tunes like Mariah Carey’s “Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)” or the hit “All I Want for Christmas Is You” and let’s not forget Wham’s “Last Christmas.” Karaoke to these songs would be even more fun. Maybe even plan a potluck with your guests and have everyone bring a dish.

Watch a Christmas Movie

There are ton of holiday/Christmas movies to watch from classic movies to new ones. Just check out Netflix’s “Holiday Favourites” section and you will see a ton of movies to choose from.  So cozy up on the couch in your favourite Christmas PJs, eating your favourite Christmas chocolate (Turtles and Ferrero Rocher are my favourite) and some hot chocolate (with marshmallows and whip cream of course).

Make Holiday Cocktails

There are more drinks to enjoy during the holiday season than just the classic egg nog. Have an even merrier time by making some Christmas cocktails. The LCBO has some recipes online to make some Holiday Cocktails:

If you think making cocktails is too much work, enjoy some ice wine. Ice wine is most popular during the holiday season and makes a great dessert drink. Peller Estates Ice Wine is my favourite:

Bake Christmas Cookies

There’s nothing quite like the holiday tradition of baking cookies. Get your favourite Christmas-shaped cookie cutters like Christmas trees, candy canes and reindeers or make some gingerbread men or sugar cookies. If baking cookies from scratch is not quite your thing, get the Pillsbury Ready to Bake Pre-Cut Holiday Sugar Cookies. All you have to do is pop them in the oven and decorate. Doesn’t get any easier than that:

Hope these ideas help. Don’t forget to take a ton of selfies to capture these memories. Happy Holidays!