Do you have a beloved pet or two? Do you like to shower them in gifts and groom them on the regular? Or do you need somewhere to take your pets when you go on vacation? Well we have the place for you and it’s right along Lakeshore Road.

That’s because Port Credit is now home to a new pet shop and animal kennel. Winston & Friendz just opened its doors a few weeks ago and is said to be the market leader in animal boarding and daycare:

“We are Oakville and Mississauga’s leading Boarding Kennel and Doggie Daycare facility.

“When leaving your pet with us for daycare and boarding you can be sure that you are leaving your animal in the most caring and knowledgeable hands.”

Winston & Friendz Port Credit

As mentioned, Winston & Friendz offers dog and cat boarding that is a step above your regular kennel experience. If you don’t love the idea of your pet being in a box while you’re gone, then this is the perfect solution:

“At Winston and Friendz, we believe your dog or cat should have a vacation when you are away on your vacation. Your dog is not locked up in a crate or kennel all day. They are free range and socialize all day with other dogs in our indoor off-leash park.”

Winston & Friendz also offers grooming in the form of bathing, brushing, and nail-clipping, with a wide array of shampoos to choose from. And, if you’re a busy pet owner, then the store also offers training! That means you can pay for various different lengths of programs, and get your animal fully trained in no-time. Check out the website for more details on grooming and training.

Winston & Friendz is your brand new chic pet store. It’s the perfect place for those who want the very best for their pets, those going on vacation, and for those who might not have enough time to train their beloved cat or dog. So head to 265 Lakeshore Road East for all your animal needs to be met!