It’s hard to find things to be positive about these days. There’s so much fear and negativity silently pervading the city, that it’s easy to forget that life will soon return to normal and we will press on.

And that’s why it feels perfectly fitting that we’re here today to talk about a new development near Port Credit that will genuinely reshape the entire township, and bring tens of thousands of new people to the area.

The Lakeview Village Project has been a long time coming but it finally broke ground recently, under the banner of TACC Construction Limited, Greenpark Group, CCI Development Group of Companies, Branthaven Homes, Argo Development Corporation, and many more design companies. A few weeks ago we wrote about the project breaking ground, including the original plans, and the historic land it was being built upon.

Of course, when a project is taking a long time and happening away from public view, it’s easy for people to start wondering what’s going on, or what’s taking so long. Well to provide an update on the situation, Credit Valley Conservation has released the above video to show the progress that has already been made.

The video helps convey how sprawling the project is, and that it’s going to be worth our patience. The project will bring a myriad of high-rises, townhouses, and shops, as well as schools, parks, and grand public art displays. Almost a full year ago we put together an article containing some incredible pictures to show what the Village will look like when it’s completed.

So Lakeview Village, or Jim Tovey Conservation area, is well under development and progressing nicely. The project is expected to be completed in 2025, which seems a long time away, but the guys and gals on the site are working hard to bring Mississauga’s new crown jewel to life. And for that, we’ll wait as long as it takes.