Finding the time and, more importantly, the desire to fit a work-out into your daily or weekly routine can be extremely challenging. More often than not it requires you to sign-up to a gym with exorbitant fees, then go by yourself to a place filled with intimidating folks who know what they’re doing and look great doing it. Well, thankfully it doesn’t always have to be that way.

There are multiple alternative options to the standard gym affair, including yoga, MMA-training, running, and cross-fit. One other option, which I’m here to tell you about today and you already know due to the headline, is Zumba! Yes I’m sure you’ve already heard about the Zumba fitness program, heck it’s been on every infomercial station for a decade or more. For those who may not know, Zumba is a form of dancing that helps you lose weight and tone-up those muscles.

Amazingly, Zumba has been around since 1999 and is practiced in 180 countries the world over. The Colombian dance that serves as the basis for the program has spread like wild-fire and improved the health and lives of countless people. Check out a video below of a lady whose life was turned around by Zumba:

So as you can see, you get what you put it in. The program works if you stick with it and have fun in the process. Which brings us to where you can partake in some Zumba classes. Blueheels Dance Studio in Port Credit offers Zumba lessons every Saturday from 9-10 AM. The class is taught by Angela Lipscombe, who has been a Zumba instructor since 2013.

Everyone can come and partake in a Zumba class, regardless of gender, size, shape, weight or whatever. The first lesson is FREE,so there’s no excuse why you can’t give it a try. And yes, there are men there, so there’s definitely no excuses for the proud men out there. If it isn’t your first time, drop-in’s cost $10 and there is a punch card available.

Blueheels Dance Studio can be found at 34 Lakeshore Road East, right next door to the Pump House in Port Credit, with the studio on the third floor of the building. For more information you can email or text 416-435-335. What are you waiting for? It’s time to Zumba!