With the holiday season just around the corner, it is a special time of year where many of us like to send and spread warm wishes to one another. Some of those people in our lives may not live locally in Mississauga, so it is always nice to mail a greeting card. Besides, it is always a great feeling to receive something through postal bill that isn’t a bill or an unsolicited advertisement.  In 2012, Canada Post delivered 4 billion pieces of mail to Canadian households, as noted by CBC.. Check out our guide below on where some of the best stationary and card shops are in Mississauga, as well as some key dates on when to mail those cards to ensure they arrive just in time for the holidays.

Stationary and Greeting Card Stores in Mississauga:

It is always amazing to support local where possible. Consider purchasing greeting cards from some of the many amazing card and stationary stores found in Mississauga:

●            Paper Decorum – 299 Lakeshore Rd E

○            Owned by woman entrepreneur Lesley-Ann Marcano, this store has paper goods for every occasion and brings some of the hottest trends to the boutique.

●            The Polka Dot Paper Shop – 6553 Mississauga Rd

○            This store specializes in making custom creations. Working with the customer’s vision as well as the company’s expertise, they can make designs that will be admired by many!

●            Papyrus – 100 City Centre Drive

○            No matter the occasion, Papyrus has elegant and premium designed greeting cards and giftware. Many other retailers often carry this brand’s products.

●            Hallmark – Square One Shopping Centre and Heartland Town Centre

○            A household name and leader in the greeting card industry, this store will always have a card for any need. Small gift items and wrapping paper are always available at the stores too.

●            Indigo – Square One Shopping Centre and Erin Mills Town Centre

○            Not only carrying some top of the line greeting card brands, Indigo has created their own exclusive line of cards and stationary for customers to enjoy.

●            Carlton Cards – Erin Mills Town Centre

○            As an international manufacturer and distributor of greeting cards, this store has an immense selection of cards and something for any occasion.

Write to Santa!

Do you remember making a Christmas wish list a kid? How was Santa suppose to know what it was if it wasn’t mailed to him? If you have some little ones in your life, enjoy a fun activity and practice those writing skills by sending a letter to Santa. Canada Post has set up a system to allow children to write and mail their letters to Santa and will get a response. In fact, responses are available in 30 languages, including Braille. Letters must be sent to Santa by December 11th for a guaranteed response along with a full return address. Address letters to Santa to:

Santa Claus

North Pole, H0H 0H0


Postage Rates

The weeks leading up to the holidays are undoubtedly some of the busiest weeks of the year for Canada Post and other courier services. If sending a standard greeting card by mail here is a breakdown of what it will cost:

●            Anywhere within Canada – $.85

●            United States: $1.20

●            Internationally (not including the United States): $2.50

Key Dates to Remember to Send Cards By:

While procrastinating is often a common characteristic of some people or leading extremely busy lifestyles, there are some key dates to keep in mind to ensure that cards reach their intended destination on time, if being sent by Canada Post. Don’t delay Mississauga – add these dates to calendars!

●            Local delivery – by December 20th

●            Within the same province – by December 19th

●            Nationally, but out of province – by December 18th

●            Asia/Australia and New Zealand – by December 5th

●            Europe – by December 5th

●            Middle East – by December 5th

●            Central/South America and Caribbean – by December 5th

There is still time! Add greeting card and stationery shopping on your list of things to do in Mississauga over the next little while!