Thinkin’ about getting inked? Well you’re spoiled for choice when it comes to quality tattoo parlours in Mississauga.

Gone are the days when tattoos were frowned upon as being something only punks and weirdos got. That old (and narrow-minded) opinion has thankfully been tossed to the wayside and the world has seemingly embraced the culture. Of course you get the older folks who still don’t care for them but every generation below has moved with the times. Gone too are the days of the dark, grimey tattoo studios that deterred most regular people from entering. Modern tattoo studios are beautiful, clean and offer a warm atmosphere that helps you relax.

Tattoo’s have gone through booms in popularity, we all remember the tribal-era of the early 2000’s, but in the past decade the art-form has become a staple of modern society. Not only that, but tattoo artists are becoming more talented and diverse in technique, to the point where there’s a style for everyone.


You can find tattoo’s on all types of people nowadays, from businessmen to doctors, with western society embracing the art as a form of self-expression, rather than a form of rebellion or self-harm. And there’s never been a better time to get one, or a new one, for yourself. Toronto boasts some of the very best tattoo parlours in the world but Mississauga isn’t trailing behind, the parlours here are blazing their own trail and giving the city a run for it’s money! So without further ado, let’s take a look at the five best studio’s Mississauga has to offer.

Unique Tattoo

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Unique Tattoo finds its place on this list because it does exactly as the name suggests: give you a tattoo like no other. Of course, the studio can do all kinds of tattoos but it’s their specialty that really set them apart.

Unique Tattoo can give you a custom design that glows under blacklight! The tattoo will look like any regular tattoo but once you find yourself in a room with a dark light your friends will be amazed at your glowing art. You might be asking yourself how often are you near a blacklight but they’re common at concerts and nightclubs, not to mention there’s the glow in the dark putting range at Winston Churchill. So why not make your new tattoo even more awesome by adding a little glow?

Artistic Integrity

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Artistic Integrity, located on Lakeshore East just outside of Port Credit, is an award-winning tattoo studio where you are guaranteed to get a fantastic tattoo done just the way you want it.

Ian Greening founded Artistic Integrity back in 2001 and in 2011 he was awarded a Certificate of Recognition from the city of Mississauga, for providing a decade of service to the community. Greening gets rave reviews for his attention-to-detail and the studio is consistently commended for being incredibly sanitary and always providing a welcoming atmosphere.

Both Greening and the other artist, Garth, offer multiple styles, from classic nautical to geometric and realism. On top of all that, several times a year Artistic Integrity hosts events that bring the community together as well as celebrate endangered wildlife. Exotic animals like tigers, snakes, and wolves are brought to the store by trainers, allowing anyone to come along and play with them. If you’re looking for a little personality in the store itself, you can’t do much better than Artistic Integrity.

Bold Statement

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Bold Statement is one of the more modern tattoo studios in Mississauga. And despite having only been opened in 2011, Bold Statement has rapidly grown in recognition and success, not to mention the team opened a new studio not long ago and it looks fantastic.

Bold Statement offers perhaps the most diverse array of tattoo styles of all the studios on this list. Between the multitude of talented artists you can get tattoos of traditional style -either East or West -, tribal, new school or neo traditional. The tattoo’s offered at Bold Statement all come with a level of personality and uniqueness that is hard to find elsewhere – sure you can get a flash tattoo of two men shaking hands, but what if they also have tattoos? That’s the level of attention-to-detail and character you can find at the charming Bold Statement studio.

Malefic Tattoos

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Malefic Tattoo’s is is another parlous that has been around for a long time, diligently inking the community for over two decades. Located in Streetsville, Malefic has four artists that each offers a unique tattooing style and encourages customers to come and brainstorm ideas with them.

Playhouse Tattoo’s

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And the coveted number one spot goes to Playhouse Tattoo’s! Located near Square One Shopping Centre, Playhouse Tattoo’s wears a very serious mantra that sets them apart from every other studio in Mississauga:

From the science behind compelling art to technical skill of the highest international standard. We believe every skin cell should be looked at as a storyboard. As a result, every piece simultaneously represents your past and your current direction. You deserve an artist who is passionate about body art. Consequently, one that provides you with nothing short of perfection. Patience, a keen eye, careful revisions and a calm environment is the least to expect.

That attitude pervades everything Playhouse Tattoo’s stands for and the art they stand by. This is a serious tattoo parlour who will give you a perfect tattoo that will stick with you for life. There is no room for error, meaning the level of quality and professionalism is unmatched in the city. Take a quick look at their website or artist Yiwu Duan’s Instagram page and you can see for yourself.

Focusing on realism, Playhouse’s art will leave you slack-jawed at the attention-to-detail; it often looks like someone has photoshopped a photograph onto skin. Tattoo’s are for life and should be treated with as much care and passion as possible, and that’s what Playhouse offers. With pieces of all sizes and shapes, utilising a very modern style, and a pristine studio, Playhouse Tattoo’s is as good as it gets.