Here are YourSAUGA favourites – Five go-to Bubble Tea places. Summertime is upon us and nothing is more thirst quenching quite like a cold and delicious bubble tea (boba). For some of you who may never have had a bubble tea, we wanted to ensure that your first time experience is a good one. So we put together a short list of bubble tea spots that you definitely need to go to.

If you’re wondering, what is bubble tea?

Bubble tea is usually a cold drink made with iced tea, sweetened milk or other flavours, and often containing black balls or “pearls” made from tapioca (the bubbles in bubble tea). The best part is you’re not just limited to tapioca pearls, with most locations offering a variety of different toppings you can try.

Bubble Republic (4040 Creditview Rd)

This place is dedicated to all things boba with a ton of flavour options to choose from, some you may not even have known existed, champaign boba anyone. There is also a variety of toppings to choose from, such as your more traditional tapioca (large or small) to something more flavourful like fruit jellies or the house made honey custard. If you’re getting hungry, they serve different Taiwanese style foods to munch on while you enjoy your bubble tea, such as the fried chicken or fried oyster mushrooms.

Mississauga Bubble Tea

I Heart Boba (6677 Meadowvale Town Centre)

If you really love boba, then you definitely need to make a stop here. I Heart Boba takes pride in bringing a modern spin on the traditional bubble tea drink, with coffee, slushie and smoothie options available for you to recharge. With a fun yet calming atmosphere, you can come by and simply just unwind with your friends. Like some of the other recommendations here you can get food as well, with a selection of classic sandwiches for you to enjoy, like BBQ chicken or Tuna.

Mississauga Bubble Tea

Easy Drink Easy Go (Unit 2, 1N4, Hurontario St)

For those of you who are on a budget, this is the place for you. With a huge drink selection, full of the drinks you may already be familiar to  with the ingredients used are fresh in comparison to your standard chain boba place. There are a wide array of sweet and savoury meal options available, such as matcha pudding or marshmallow toast.

Mississauga Bubble Tea

Green Grotto (3920 Grand Park Dr #8)

Originally founded in Toronto in 1993, this bubble tea restaurant has a rich history within Ontario. The atmosphere will make you feel like you’re in a relaxing tea and book shop in Taiwan and the bubble tea offerings are a combination of the Taiwanese classics, as well as, more unique flavours that you may not find at your average chain bubble tea place. All the ingredients are prepared in house and there are coffee options for those that want their hybrid boba/starbucks fix. Like many of the options on this list you are able to enjoy some classic Taiwanese street foods that go amazingly well with the bubble tea, I might add. The Green Grotto’s take on drink floats brings something that most other boba places don’t offer, and therefore is something you should definitely experience for yourself.

Mississauga Bubble Tea

Bubble Kitea (1960 Dundas St W)

Milk teas are what this place is known for with a wide array of different flavour options to choose from. You can still enjoy your fruit teas and other chiller/slush options with a couple unique combos that will make you say “Where have you been all my life”. One of the best aspects about this place is the steamed dumplings, which are the ultimate comfort food for those of you who don’t know. Through their partnership with Skip The Dishes, you are able to get that amazing boba delivered right to your door.

Mississauga Bubble Tea

This summer, just remember if you’re looking for something to cool you down during those hot days there is only one answer: BOBA!!! With this list you should be better equipped to enjoy your boba the from some of the best places in Mississauga. If we missed a place that you think is amazing, let us know.