Been There, Done That?  Then Here Are A Few of the Newest Restaurants In Mississauga To Try!

Nothing wrong with having your favorite resto you can count on for familiar faces and dishes.  But change is good for the soul.  The great thing about our Mississauga restaurant scene is that you can basically taste the cuisine and glimpse the unique character of almost any country on earth!

New restaurants open in Mississauga quite often.  Most of them try to push the envelope a little further from what’s been around for a long time, and that makes them more fun to visit.  Here are just a few that opened this year you might want to check out!

El Jefe (“the boss” in Spanish).

Location:  Port Credit, 66 Lakeshore Rd. E

Type: Mexican taverna/cantina

Food:  The from-scratch menu features Mexican, African and Portuguese cuisines, plus table-side made guacamole and house-made flour tortillas, sauces and salsas.

Vibe:  Fun, colourful, authentic Mexican décor, complete with 40 sombreros on the walls and Calaveras (decorative skulls used in a celebration called the Day of the Dead) displayed at the bar.

That Extra Special:  Amazing Mexican art/graffiti along the walls of the lane beside the restaurant’s patio to visually transport you to Mexico, sans the airfare!

Good to Know/Fun Fact:  El Jefe’s proprietors also own another joint down the street, the popular Door FiftyFive.



Location:  Erin Mills/Britannia, 6039 Erin Mills Parkway

Type:  Simple canteen, but with a several notches above a fast-food joint.

Food:  Pakistani fusion—comforting dishes (like mom or aunty used to make!)

Vibe:  Casual, convivial, family-oriented.

That Extra Special:  Unlimited naans on dine in orders.

Good to Know/Fun Fact:  Most menu items are gluten-free, and it’s a halal restaurant — all meat and poultry are processed by hand to the highest standards in strict accordance to Islamic tradition.


K&B Sushi

Location:  Meadowvale, 6400 Millcreek, Unit 1

Type: AYCE (all-you-can-eat) sit-down diner

Food:  Mix of Japanese, Chinese, Korean and Thai cuisine prepared with traditional Japanese techniques.

Vibe:  It’s an AYCE, but with a fine-dining twist—white tablecloths, red accents, and comfortable booths.

That Extra Special:  i-Pad ordering (aka fast service)

Good to Know/Fun Fact:  K&B came to the neighbourhood after the popular AYCE Sushi Sushi closed down.  Local sushi addicts breathed a sigh of relief at this one’s opening!


Capra’s Kitchen

Location:  Clarkson, 1834 Lakeshore Rd West

Type: casual trattoria

Food:  Italian, with a modern twist

Vibe:   Smart-casual, with bare tables and servers in T-shirts but crystal bowls dangling from the high ceiling and ornate mirrors on the walls.

That Extra Special: Complimentary Prosecco for those lining up on the very busy, bustling Saturday nights.

Good to Know/Fun Fact:  The resto is Chef Massimo Capra’s latest venture. Chef Massimo is a celebrity chef, TV personality, and author and, yes, one of our own— a Mississauga boy.  (Remember HGTV’s “Restaurant Make-Over” popular a few years ago?  The mustachioed chef who “remodelled” the menus for these down-on-the-luck restos was Chef Massimo.)


Liyuan Spicy Pot

Location:  Burnhamthorpe and Creditview, 4040 Creditview Rd #3B

Type: casual eatery

Food:  Chinese hot pot style of dining.  This means a stove top and metal pot in the center of the table, filled with a steaming broth and assortment of fresh ingredients.  Guests cook meat, fish, vegetables, etc., in the pot to their own taste and go for it.

Vibe:  modern and bright atmosphere

Food: That Extra Special:  For those who like their meal with a kick, you can order the broth with more spices.

Good to Know/Fun Fact:  If you’ve never had hot pot before, not to worry, the servers explain how everything works.

Website:  None as yet.  Just Google: Liyuan Spicy Pot, Mississauga

Dang! Vietnamese Tapas Bar and Lounge

Location:  Erin Mills/Britannia, 6435 Dixie Rd #1

Type: tapas bar/lounge

Food:  unique Vietnamese bar/street food and fusion delicacies, Tapas style

Vibe:  Swank bar-style lounges with chic dim lighting and artfully presented tapas dishes. Definitely a departure from more traditional Viet restos.

That Extra Special:  For those more adventurous foodies… a seasonal special called the Oc Duoi Phung (sake conch) — an enormous snail smothered in broth!  Bon appetite!

Good to Know/Fun Fact:  The resto also offers a late-night dining option. Open until 1:30 on Friday and Saturday nights.  No need to go downtown in search of a nightclub!


Port House Social Bar and Kitchen 

Location:  Port Credit, 139 Lakeshore East

Type: premium casual restaurant and lounge

Food:  Gastro-pub-like—the food is comfortable and soothing but with a gourmet spin.

Vibe:  Laid-back… reminiscent of Cheers and/or an upscale community hub kitchen

That Extra Special:  Interesting daily specials, and music—DJ and live bands on the weekends.

Good to Know/Fun Fact:  This Mississauga restaurant’s previous incarnation?

Ten —one of the City’s most popular hotspots that unfortunately closed down at the end of March.


And these are just a few of the many new restaurants that opened in your Sauga this year.  More mini-reviews to come in the near future.  But in the meantime, try these out and let us know how you liked them!