If you’ve ever watched a romantic comedy, and let’s be honest: who hasn’t?, you’ll know that paint classes with a little booze is nothing new for a date night. However, these fun activities are seemingly increasing in popularity here in Mississauga and they’re sprouting up here and there.

The Brogue Irish Pub in Port Credit is the latest to join in the fun, as it will host its first ever Paint Nite on Monday April 30th at 7 PM! The title for the event is ‘Weather the weather together’, which seems fairly fitting considering it’s an Irish pub.

Paint night’s are a fun outing for anybody; I mentioned earlier that it was a rather common date night activity, but it’s also fun with friends or even by yourself. And the best part is, no skill required;

 Get creative while you laugh, drink, and spend time with friends. There’s absolutely no art experience necessary. Paint Nite events are designed to be fun, non-competitive and stress-free. We provide all the supplies, so you don’t have to worry about a thing – except having a great time!

So grab some friends! Grab a drink! Grab a brush! And let the fun begin!

That’s right, as the official description suggests, if you’re like me and have two left hands, you can still participate and have a blast. Not to mention, almost everyone walks away with a shockingly good piece of art that they would be proud to hang on their wall! The design in the poster above is the subject of the nights class, so yours should end up looking pretty damn similar to that beautiful image.

Hit this link if you’re interested in coming to The Brogue Irish Pub for a night of painting, drinking, and fun! You can use the promo codes in the picture above to score some nice discounts, and if the event is sold out by the time you get to the website, hit the events button to see where else in Mississauga is hosting a Paint Nite, you owe it yourself to unwind and be creative!