Streetsville Hockey League – Home of the Derbys makes announcement!

The CANADIAN TIRE FIRST SHIFT program comes to Streetsville Hockey League and includes outfitting each player with hockey equipment and six on-ice sessions. The program is designed to ensure a positive experience for new-to-hockey families.

First Shift wants families to experience the game at its best — to understand why so many Canadians feel an inherent love for the sport, and to stimulate a desire for continued participation. By taking away any intimidation as it relates to equipment requirements, and/or rules of the game, remove potential safety concerns, and most importantly, provide an experience that is memorable and fun.

We believe in all hockey has to offer kids, their families and our communities. We designed the CANADIAN TIRE FIRST SHIFT to facilitate entry into hockey by offering a program that is ACCESSIBLE, AFFORDABLE, SAFE, and most importantly, FUN! We cannot wait to help your kids fall in love with hockey.


  • Affordable
  • Manageable (time commitment)
  • Safe
  • Fun!

Participant registration fee of $199 includes:

  • BAUER Equipment (Head-to-Toe)
  • Welcome Event
  • Equipment fitting demonstration
  • Expert fit session and equipment distribution

Program Capacity

  • A Program Maximum Capacity: 45 participants, 10 on ice instructors
  • B Program Maximum Capacity: 30 participants, 7 on ice instructors

On-Ice Experience including;

  • 6 Weeks, 1 session/week, 1 hour on a consistent day and time
  • Focus on Fun and Learn to Play
  • Insurance for participants

Hockey Canada On-Ice Curriculum

Hockey Canada has created a fun curriculum that focuses on:

  • Small areas games and skills stations active
  • Wide variety of skating skills, puck handling, passing and shooting exercises
  • Discovering the sport through variety of basic motor movement patterns
  • Fun games to ensure participants enjoy a full range of hockey experiences

Praise and encouragement will serve as the foundation of the instructor’s approach to working with all participants.

The Canadian Tire First Shift is a program designed to ease kids and their families into the sport of hockey in a fun and friendly environment. It  begins with a Welcome Event offering information and activities to help build kids’ confidence to make them and their parents more comfortable in the hockey environment. There are 6 sessions – one per week on the same day, at the same time to make it convenient for parents to schedule. The focus of the on ice sessions is fun, teaching kids basic skating and fundamental hockey skills through play.

The ratio of instructors to skaters is 1:4 which allows instructors to create smaller groups within each session, and provide maximum individual attention.

Your son or daughter will have fun! In addition, participants will move at their own pace, through fundamental skating and hockey skills. The program runs 6 sessions, which allows kids time to build confidence and improve in order to experience a sense of achievement.



  • As of June 1, 2018 the program will be open for player registration on
  • Families will have the ability to register and pay for their player directly through the link above

Start Date: Saturday October 20, 2018

End Date:   Saturday November 24, 2018

Ice Time: 2:00pm-2:50pm


Start Date: Saturday January 19, 2019

End Date:   Saturday February 23, 2019

Ice Time: 2:00pm-2:50pm

Cost $199.00 ($75.00 applied to next season SHL registration)