Here Is How Mississauga’s Fitness Centres Can Help

Once a year, Canfitpro—the largest provider of education in the Canadian fitness industry—surveys its membership and issues a report on the top fitness trends in the country.  This year’s report reveals that Canadians are into the “brisk-but-powerful” approach to fitness—and that on the other side of the fitness spectrum—Baby boomers are staving off dotage indefinitely by staying fit and nimble in increasing numbers.

High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) —intense periods of exercise followed by durations of rest—and Express Workouts— multiple exercises at a fast pace— are in the top five positions in Canfitpro’s ranking of fitness trends.  Rounding off the top five are Functional Fitness, Older Adult Training and Active Recovery.

HIIT is a high-intensity fitness approach, providing a good workout in a short time. With Canadians working longer hours, HIIT addresses that time issue, burning fat and improving cardiovascular benefits quickly and effectively.

In Mississauga many gyms offer HIIT.  GoodLife Fitness’ five locations (South Common, Glen Erin, Meadowvale, Millcreek, Argentia), One Health Clubs in Cooksville, or Elite Training Centre at Dixie and Dundas are just a few of the gyms across Mississauga offering this “hit” program.

HIIT and Express Workouts are all about fast pace generating maximum results.  Express Workouts generally last 20 minutes or less, and are perfect for people on a tight schedule.   Gyms with personal trainers, such as Orangetheory Fitness (515 Lakeshore East, Creekside Crossing and Downtown Mississauga), Life Time Athletic in Erin Mills or LA Fitness with its 5 locations across Mississauga will accommodate those of us who are time challenged but on a fitness quest.

On the other side of the fitness spectrum, Functional Fitness exercises train the muscles to help people do everyday activities safely and efficiently.  Gyms such as UFC GYM Mississauga, Lean Body Studio at 5200 Dixie Road or Habitual Fitness near City Centre offer these types of programs.

In a related category, Active Recovery exercises focus on improving mobility with such equipment as foam rollers and balls, other low-intensity exercises or YIN Yoga.  YIN Yoga is part of most yoga studios programs—check out Mind to Body Yoga & Fitness in East Credit, Yoga City at Mississauga Road and Erin Mills Parkway or Fitness By The Lake in Port Credit to start.   Getting fit means first having the ability to work out, and this program is designed to do just that.

Number 3 on Canfit’s fitness ranking is Older Adults Training.  And it’s not a surprise, given the country’s demographic shift. The City recognized this shift a while back and developed the Older Adult Plan – a source for info on various training facilities and related events and programs.  Click here for more details:

There are plenty of gyms across the City – both chains and indie—with various fitness programs to suit any goal and activity preference.   It’s really just a matter of realizing your goals, gaging your ability and lifestyle constraints, and then checking out one of these gyms in your Mississauga neighbourhood.