As you may know, the Ford Government is working on updating and improving the TTC subway system. Of course, that doesn’t exactly pertain to us here in Mississauga, but there are a few titbits in the master plan that do in fact affect us.

Around the beginning of the month Jeff Yurek, Minister of Transportation, said it’s time for the Toronto Government to start reconsidering speed limits for the Ontario highways. He reasoned that the speed limits were set in the 1970’s when people were attempting to conserve fuel. And thus the speed limits were set to 100KM/H.

The new proposed speed limit would be 120KM/H across 400 series highways. Yurek also said no decisions would be made or put into action without consulting the public first. Of course, any potential increase to the speed limits is sure to spark debates over safety, and that’s why it’s important you have your voice heard.

Ontario speed limit change

The new propositions come as part of the Getting Ontario Moving Act, which also aims to penalise those who drive too slow in the passing lane, and to allow motorocycles to travel in the high-occupancy lane. The plan will also look to replace all current trains with lighter models that will be able to travel faster and cost less.

The overall goal of the proposed plans are a slicker transit system throughout the GTA. If you’ve ever been stuck in one of the frequent hellish traffic jams on the 401, you’ll know it’s a necessary discussion to be had.

We want to know what you think of the Ford Government’s proposed changes to highways and speed limits as part of the Getting Ontario Moving Act. Are you in favour of it? Do you think it will simply be more dangerous? Let us know across social media and have your voice heard.