Would you like your children to learn a new skill? One that could potentially lead to a unique career? Lots of parents want their children to learn sports, music, and other creative art-forms. Well, doing so just became a lot easier and cheaper: for the entire month of August, The School is offering free dance lessons for children.

If you’re unfamiliar with the organisation, The School: Creative Arts is actually an institution located in Port Credit. It’s a place that teaches children aged 4+ various forms of creative expression. The School can be found at 160 Lakeshore Road East, right next door to Auto Service Experts. Even though the address says Lakeshore Road, the school is actually just off of Lakeshore, on Rosewood Avenue.

The School hasn’t been a part of Mississauga for very long but it’s easily one of the cities finest art academies for children. That’s why The School is offering free classes for the entire month of August:

We’re new here and we’d love to meet you, come in for a free class and see if we’re for you.
As our gift to you all participants will receive a 10% off coupon for future registrations but if you sign up during, before or after your free class on Aug 21st, 23rd or 25th you’ll receive 15% off that class as well as no registration fee! #WIN!

The free classes include kids parkour, hip-hop/breakdance, musical theatre, tap dance, ballet, jazz, singing, and even some classes for babies aged 10-20 months! Truly the best time to teach your children new things is at the youngest age possible, so the sooner you start the better.

Whether you want your child to grow-up to be a ballerina, an actor, a singer, or just possess a varied skillset, it’s worth taking them to The School in Port Credit for some free lessons. This is a completely pain-free way of seeing what your child likes to do, and some great exercise to boot. If you’d like to partake, head to this link to sign-up and see the schedule!